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How to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar

Indomitable people - is often possible to hear not only about a very proud man or a woman. You can characterize it and those who have problems with my back, and lower back in particular. In order to avoid such troubles, you need to take care of your back at all times. And, of course, strengthen the lumbar muscles.

How to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar

Instruction how to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar

Step 1:

To train the muscles of the back, you need to exercise regularly to strengthen the lower back. One of them is as follows: starting position - on all fours, resting his elbows on his knees and the floor. Actually exercise is the simultaneous rise of the right hand and left foot. They definitely need to straighten out parallel to the floor. Hold the body in this position is not less than 2 seconds, repeated exercise 10 to 20 times. And do not forget to alternate arms and legs.

Step 2:

Use another, no less effective exercise. Lie on the floor on his stomach, arms at your sides, gently lift the legs and head, so as to form a small deflection in the lumbar area. Try to keep the body in such a position a few seconds. Then slowly return to starting position. When you will be able to repeat the exercise 20 times, place a pillow under his chest to increase the load.

Step 3:

Take stretching. Nothing helps to strengthen the lumbar muscles as stretching. Sit on the floor or on a training mat, bend your knees. Now you need to hug them so that you can lower the chin on the chest. Then arch your back so that it is round, then leaning back slightly. Take your time and slowly return to the starting position.

Step 4:

Another exercise is as follows: lying on his stomach and start to take your feet off the floor one by one, and then lower them back to the floor. Once kneaded, pull the leg back (watch out for, so that it is straight and your pelvis is not fixed on the floor) and hold it so 3 to 5 seconds. Change the pace. Now lift one leg first and then the second, then lower right, both slowly and smoothly.

Step 5:

A great way to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar - work with feet. Lying on his stomach, lift simultaneously two legs, then slowly and gently spread them apart, and then connect together and push. You can also try to Peru lumbar spine as follows: lying on his stomach, lift both legs and hold them in this position for a while (as you can), then gently lower.