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How to stretch boots

Cleats - an indispensable thing for an athlete, especially for football. Such shoes in the first place should be convenient and comfortable. If the new boots were a little in size, then you need to fix it before the first out on the field.

How to stretch boots

You will need:

- warm water; - An alcohol; - Wool socks; - Stretcher.

Instruction how to stretch boots

Step 1:

Wet shoes, and even better - for a while, hold them in warm water, the skin became soft. Then put them on their feet and walk a little. After this procedure, they should take the form of legs. If the shoe leather, you can use alcohol or cologne instead of water. Rub the new boots alcohol inside and walk in them for a while.

Step 2:

Try another method that can be used for any leather footwear. Put into sealed bags with water and leave in the freezer for about a day. Cleats stretched in such a way, because frozen water increases in size. But whether they will get you on the leg, can not be guaranteed.

Step 3:

Put on wool socks feet soaked in warm water or vodka, pull top shoes and try to be like them in a couple of hours. It is best done it at home, to be able to sit back and relax. The next day, you can repeat the same steps, while exercising their business.

Step 4:

If you do not like walking in wet shoes or socks, will have to steel himself and stretch the boots wearing the usual. Of course, it is not quick, and have to endure the pain, especially if the shoes are rubbing calluses.

Step 5:

In department stores you can buy a special tool - the stretcher. It is a spray foam, which must be applied to the shoes, and then like in it.