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How to train a fist

In martial arts it is important to be able to apply precise and fast punch. To the opponent felt the force of impact, and you feel minimal pain, it is necessary to train the rigidity of a fist. To do this, there are some special exercises that can be performed at home.

How to train a fist

Instruction how to train fist

Step 1:

Push-ups to start on both fists or fingers every day, preferably on a hard surface. When it's easy to do push-ups 45-50 times, continue to push-ups with bounce and a fist of one hand.

Step 2:

Sit down. Raise your hands in front of chest and start pounding his fists against each other, each time increasing the blow. Be careful not to overdo it, otherwise very much hurt his hand.

Step 3:

In the same position, sitting, start banging their fists down on the floor vertically (to start slightly). Better podstelit thin mat that was not very hard.

Step 4:

The easiest way to exercise fist - expander. Carry it with you at a convenient time and place (in the transport, on oral lectures) Click to strengthen the carpal ligament.

Step 5:

Buy or make your own weights on your wrists. Pull-up on the bar, run and train hit them.

Step 6:

Do exercises with dumbbells. Pick up the dumbbells weighing 5-6 kilograms, and do

Step 7:

Learn how to compress a fist, with the thumb strongly press. Strikes were only the first two knuckles. Try to touch the surface of the fist full.

Step 8:

First, work out blows in the air, fully extended arm. This is a necessary exercise correct stroke.

Step 9:

Hang the house punching bag or a bag of sand. First, beat the bag with gloves, moving to thinner material. As we move workouts start to beat the bare fist. It hurts, but otherwise will not achieve the desired result. With time on his knuckles cluttered hard corn, and the pain will be felt not so much.

Step 10:

Attach to the wall or a tree large stack of paper. Beat on it a direct blow every day, until you begin to be torn sheets, and you do not get to the last. Then we can already say that you have achieved the desired impact force.