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How to use the swimming pool

A visit to the swimming pool - it is always a joy, a feeling of fullness of life, a good way to healing and recovery of strength and vivacity. In order not to overshadow the event, should comply with certain rules that will help you avoid a lot of trouble, lying in wait for you in the pool.

How to use the swimming pool

Instruction how to use the swimming pool

Step 1:

Before classes necessarily wash off makeup in the pool. Exposure to chlorine and its derivatives, by definition, are potent allergens, combined with cosmetics can cause severe allergic reactions. After removal of cosmetics can cause skin protective cream, has the ability to form a film and thereby prevent the harmful effects of water (such as "Silicone").

Step 2:

Use goggles in the pool for diving. Thus, you will save your eyes from diseases such as conjunctivitis, the cause of which can serve all the same chlorinated water. If you experience excessive tearing, burning, itching, eye irritation, leave the pool immediately and rinse with clean non-chlorinated water eyes.

Step 3:

Wear rubber or silicone cap. In fact, the presence of caps - a requirement when visiting the pool, but it is often ignored by bathers. Thus, they are subjected to the negative effects of chlorine his hair, as well as create discomfort the rest of the swimmers, because hair can get into the water, which is always unpleasant.

Step 4:

Use the tools for personal hygiene. Their use is important both to the swimming pool, as well as after. Intimate gels, sprays, mousses create antiseptic effect and the necessary moisture of the mucous membranes.

Step 5:

Women can not use the swimming pool during menstruation. Firstly, it is incorrect, and no tampons do not save. Secondly, the immunity women usually weakened and the probability to get various kinds of inflammation and infection is sufficiently high during this period.

Step 6:

Stock up on anti-fungal drugs for the feet and use them when you visit the pool as prophylactic agents. In recent years, cases of fungal lesions of feet and nails has increased several times, so this precaution is not superfluous. Do not necessarily buy strong medications will be enough of one of the cosmetic products based on herbal ingredients. Perhaps superfluous to remind that in the presence of fungal diseases entry to the pool in general is contraindicated.