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How to view workload

It's nice to perform such work, which the result is immediately visible. The gym is much more complicated - the effectiveness of the exercises is not noticeable Zrazy. How to determine that the load is correct and the pace - the best? There are several ways to find out whether the training benefit as soon as it went.

How to view workload

Instruction how to view the load

Step 1:

Pay attention to which muscles are working. Symptom incorrectly selected loads - voltage in those muscles that you work through. The first approach is possible mild discomfort in the joints, but on subsequent approaches it should disappear. Then you should feel tension directly coached muscle.

Step 2:

You do not feel hungry. The desire to have a bite that occurs during exercise, shows that the blood glucose level falls. Too much load has led to the fact that the level of glycogen in the muscles is reduced too quickly. Your body is about to be used as a building material muscle protein. No it is not necessary to speak about the growth of muscle in these conditions.

Step 3:

The body should not be felt bruised. The body which has received sufficient load, the state is experiencing a pleasant tiredness. Light tremors in the hands indicates that the resulting load was decent, but not exorbitant. Nausea, cramps, cold sweat - a sign that you're overtrained.

Step 4:

Muscles need to significantly increase in size. Several approaches aimed at the elaboration of specific muscles, have lead to the fact that these muscles increased in volume and acquire hardness. This pump - the pleasant sensation of all that can be experienced in the weightlifting hall. Results should be apparent. If long-term employment does not lead to any positive result - your load is clearly insufficient.

Step 5:

You must experience the euphoric state slug, leaving the gym. Sufficient exercise leads to the release of hormones in the blood of joy: serotonin and endorphins. In case of insufficient or excessive load this effect you get.

Step 6:

From workout to workout your power to grow. With each approach, you can do a little bit more. It means that you choose the right weight training, and in the intervals between sets have time to relax. Descending forces - the wrong signal about the training process. The reasons may be different: the lack of warm-up, too much weight training, performance approaches too fast pace.

Step 7:

You look forward to the next workout. The achieved progress during training leads to the fact that you have there is confidence in the future of higher results. If you can not wait to get away from the gym, it's time to think about changing the load.