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MCM-2015 Hockey: How to complete the semi-final Russia - Sweden

The night of January 5th the youth team of Russia Moscow time spent on hockey semi-final match in the World Championships for players under 20 years of age. Russian rivals in the semi-finals was a national team of Sweden.

MCM-2015 Hockey: How to complete the semi-final Russia - Sweden

The last two Youth World Championship Team Russia ice hockey semi-finals met with the Swedish team. Both times, the Russians gave way to shame Scandinavian hockey players with a minimum score. In 2015, the Russian team in the semi-MCM again confronted Swedish hockey players.

The first period of the match was not rich in abandoned washers, however, despite the fact that after the first twenty minutes of the game on the scoreboard lit zeros, the fans in the arena in Toronto do not get bored. In the first period the game is more like a taktcheskuyu party. Hockey players trying to fight for the puck at each site the site, but it does not display the negative impact on the creation of scoring chances. One of the first scoring chance missed rosiyane. On the 7th minute throw Bryntseva sostryas post Swedes gate. Scandinavian players responded to several of his dangerous attacks. It was especially hard to keep the defense in the game the Russians are in the minority. However Shesterkin kept goal against Russia from the puck skipped.

In the second period in the first ten minutes, the Swedes tried to win the initiative. Wards Valery Bragin survived, and then to the 32th minute, Alexander Sharov, finished a brilliant counterattack Russian players throwing in the upper corner of the Swedish goal. Russians in several programs have overcome the entire site and brought to Alexander lethal position. The Russian team took a 1: 0. After that, our players gained a numerical advantage. Already in the 33th minute, a powerful shot from the blue line Ziyata Paygina second time forced to capitulate goalkeeper of Sweden. This was the first goal for the Swedes when playing in the minority. After the second missed washers Scandinavians completely lost the thread of the game, which led to new dangerous attacks of the Russians. At the end of the second period, the puck crossed the line again Swedes gate. However, a goal has not been recorded since the washer broke treasured line after a touch with our hockey skate. Immediately after that, Leshchenko was another good point. Forward jumped to a rendezvous with the goalkeeper of the national team of Sweden and sighting thrown into the near top corner. However Söderström reflected the shoulder washer. The second period ended with a significant competitive advantage the Russian national team, which was recorded on the scoreboard arena in Toronto - we have won 2: 0.

The third period began with the double Alexander Sharov. Swedish defender hesitated for its gates, which allowed Mamin bring to throw our striker. Alexander accurate throw hit the upper corner of the Swedish goal. The advantage of the Russian national team has increased to three goals (3: 0). The goal was scored in the 42nd minute. After that the Russian team started to play in a row. The Swedes had some territorial advantage, but the Russians carried dangerous counterattacks. Several times the Russian hockey players have a chance to score after the one-on-one with the goalkeeper of the national team of Sweden. 

For eight and a half minutes before the end of the third period the Scandinavians managed to play a puck. Valmark rolled out to the penny and backhand sent the puck into Shesterkina gate (3: 1). After a missed goal the Russians had expected a nervous ending, but on 53 minutes, finishing off with Mum sends the fourth goal against the Swedes, the advantage of restoring the Russian national team in three goals. From this moment it was felt victorious confidence in the game Russian players. Despite the fact that the Swedes tried to attack a large force, of goals in the gate Shesterkina no longer followed. Four minutes before the end of normal time the Scandinavians have replaced the goalkeeper on the field player, but it has not changed the numbers on the scoreboard. However, for twenty seconds before the end of the match, the Swedes scored the puck, but the referee did not record a goal since before the attack took place in a goal our goalkeeper. 

The final score of the meeting of 4: 1 in favor of the Russian team. Now wards Valery Bragin is expected opponent in the final MCM-2015, which will be the winner of a pair of Canada - Slovakia. The decisive match of the tournament will take place on January 6 at 4:00 Moscow time.