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Meditation. What is important to remember the practice

It is important to understand that meditation - it is a natural and harmonious process. It should not be for the person who practices it, something difficult and unnatural.

Meditation. What is important to remember the practice

Many young people think of meditation practice, you need a certain way stretch. In the future, if they can get to know the "real yogic" meditation, they sometimes even frustrated. They waited for something something complex and abstruse, and, as it turned out, it is not so.

Meditation is a natural process, which by its characteristic closer to the children's game than to ascetic practice, which itself accounts for much strain.

Children, for example, playing, can think about something, to plunge into their dreams. The practice of meditation is very similar to this "occupation". But during this simple, at first glance, the action takes place mysterious internal processes.

If we ask ourselves in order to understand how these deep processes, we should refer to the ancient yogic treatises. Understand we are, how this mechanism works, or do not understand, it does not matter. It is important that if we are in harmony, and practice meditation regularly, we will get the result!

It is very important as we meditate. We remember that it is a natural process. We started practicing as it turns out. Gradually our mind who likes to control everything, let go of his grip. In a more relaxed experience will be much more productive.

Important goals of meditation are just the ability to relax your mind to let go of their problems and dive into their inner world. It is from this ability will depend on your success in the practice of meditation.