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Why The Italian Authorities Intend To Ban Football

Why the Italian authorities intend to ban football

At the end of May 2012, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti proposed a ban on the holding of several years in the country of all football matches. This statement threw all fans of Italian football in shock, because such an experiment can completely kill the sport in Italy.

This sensational statement due to…

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How To Lubricate Skis With Notches

How to lubricate skis with notches

If you choose your own skis with notches, it is assumed that you just want to ski for walks in the woods. Because these types of skis do not provide for sliding over the results. This requires a professional cross-country skiing. But, nevertheless, even a simple hiking skiing with a notch, you can make the…

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How To Learn To Ski Run

How to learn to ski run

Walking and cross-country skiing is one of the most popular and accessible sports in the Nordic countries. Learning to ski run may each, independently of age. To master the most common means of transportation you need skis, ski poles and a portion of a flat, pre-prepared trails.

You will need:

Skis, ski poles, ski runs flat…

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Where To Host International Cycling Race Tour De France Series

Where to host international cycling race Tour de France series

Every year in July, passing the most prestigious multi-day bicycle race of the world, "Tour de France" is held since 1903, was established as a promotional project of the newspaper L'Auto. Originally conceived and carried out as a single tournament. In 20-ies of the last century it has been transformed into…

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Why Do I Need To Do Yoga

Why do I need to do yoga

Yoga - this is a great practice that strengthens not only physical but also mental health. Yoga can be compared to a kind of gymnastics, there are 10 reasons why you should pay attention to this activity.

1. Good sleep. Yoga is very helpful for those who suffer from insomnia.

2. Correct posture. In…

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How To Learn To Stand On His Hands

How to learn to stand on his hands

The ability to get up in the hands depends on several factors. The main of them - the power of arms, back muscles, abdominal muscles and sense of balance. Pay attention to the development of the necessary qualities, and you can not just wake up in the hands, but also to go to…

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How Did The Ice Hockey World Championship 2012

How did the Ice Hockey World Championship 2012

In 2012, the world championship in ice hockey took place simultaneously in Finland and Sweden, respectively, the matches were played in Stockholm and Helsinki. This tournament was happy for the Russian team, which was able to win a hard-fought fight gold medals.

Instruction how was the Ice Hockey World Championship 2012

Step 1:


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How To Strengthen The Fist Blow

How to strengthen the fist blow

Physical strength and the bounce is not identical concepts. Properly delivered a blow can be in a completely inconspicuous in appearance athlete. Important in a good punch - it is the right equipment. And over this technique it is necessary to work long and hard.

You will need:

- metal sledgehammer; - Boxing paws; - Helping…

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How To Choose A Children'S Skis

How to choose a children's skis

For skiing, there is no age limit. To teach the child to the helpful and cheerful ski trip, it should be as soon as possible to begin to engage. Properly selected children's skis will not only help your child get a taste for skating, but also to avoid injuries after the inevitable fall.

Instruction how…

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How Was The Match Russia-Czech Republic Euro 2012

How was the match Russia-Czech Republic Euro 2012

Major victory over the Czech players at the beginning of the tournament the team has allowed fans to count on the good performance of team Russia at Euro 2012. Unfortunately, these hopes did not come true.

At the beginning of the match, the Czech team players looked increasingly our players, more ball possession…

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As We Played The Russian National Team Players In A Friendly Match With Lithuania

As we played the Russian national team players in a friendly match with Lithuania

At the final stage of preparation for the final stage of the European Football Championship of the Russian national team coaches have planned three exhibition games. The first of them - with the Uruguayan team - was held in Moscow and a meeting with the Lithuanian national…

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How To Choose Walking Horses

How to choose walking horses

Let's say that you are lucky enough to live next to the outdoor rink. Or do you just want to have their own horses for riding in a closed room. In any case, you need to know how to choose the pleasure skating.

Instruction how to choose walking horses

Step 1:

Decide first of all, if you…

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How To Develop A Punch

How to develop a punch

The technique depends on the formation strike rate multiplied by the weight. The most effective and strong impacts are those that come from the brush. They begin their movement from the fingers, biting motion ejected right on target. All the strength and stiffness becomes beating limb.

Instruction how to develop a punch

Step 1:

One of the…

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How To Make Eggs Were Thick

How to make eggs were thick

In order to make their eggs fat, you need to pump up the calf muscles of legs. For their training, there are several types of exercises that can be practiced both in the gym and at home.

Instruction how to make the calves were thick

Step 1:

The easiest exercise for the development of the calf…

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How To Attack In Volleyball

How to attack in volleyball

The main element in the arsenal of offensive player is called the attacker hit. Horse riding skills in conducting such a procedure is considered rapid hitting the ball, causing the ball immediately turns on the enemy. The sharper will be hit, the harder it will be to process the defender enemy flying ball. There are many…

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How To Increase Body Weight

How to increase body weight

Increase body mass desires of almost any newcomer who comes to the gym. Often, he would face certain difficulties and setbacks. To avoid them, it is necessary to adhere to an effective scheme of weight gain.

You will need:

- natural purged; - sports nutrition; - The plan of the day; - sports wear.

Instruction how to…

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How To Build Triceps Woman

How to build triceps woman

In everyday life, the triceps muscle is rarely activated, which affects the shape of hands. Notice how the muscle is "hanging", it can be raised hand. For a woman to cope with this problem area, you need to perform exercises triceps to keep it in good shape.

You will need:

- dumbbell weight 1-4 kg.

Instruction how…

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How To Run And Not Get Tired

How to run and not get tired

Jogging is the best view of the load for those who do not want to lift weights and do sports that require large power costs. Maintain physical activity without getting tired and exhaling at the same time it is possible even for beginners.

You will need:

- sneakers; - sportswear.

Instruction how to run and…

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How To Remove Weight From The Buttocks

How to remove weight from the buttocks

Enjoy the beautiful figure of the dream of many girls. Most frustrating usually brings extra volume to the buttocks. Reset it will help to follow some of the recommendations and the implementation of a series of exercises.

You will need:

Hoop, bicycle.

Instruction how to remove weight from the buttocks

Step 1:

Lose weight. In women,…

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How To Make Fast Thinner Legs

How to make fast thinner legs

Many athletes, especially female, complaining of too much or pumped up. There are several types of exercises that will help get rid of excess weight in the body. However, it should take into account the individual characteristics of the organism in the development of training regime and diet.

Instruction how to make fast thinner legs


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