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How To Develop Your Fingers

How to develop your fingers

The development of fingers, few people pay enough attention. Meanwhile, the development of agility, flexibility and strength of fingers is beneficial not only on the sports performance, but also improve brain function. With regular exercises improves the memory, attention and thinking. Train fingers possible both by means of special fixtures and without them.

Instruction how to…

Sports And Fitness
What Are The Physical Exercise

What are the physical exercise

In today's world, people are the most of their time they spend in a seated position. This is a very negative impact on human health. Therefore, you need to engage in physical exercise. Exercise is very beneficial for the health, longevity, beauty, mental balance.

Almost everyone knows that exercise is very important for health, but not…

Sports And Fitness
How To Get Rid Of Body Fat

How to get rid of body fat

Many women, and men, including care about the issue of getting rid of body fat. It may appear on the sides, on the abdomen, on the hips. There are several very important conditions, the implementation of which will help you get rid of the fat layer.

Instruction how to get rid of body fat


Sports And Fitness
How To Learn How To Do A Handstand

How to learn how to do a handstand

The possibilities are endless human body - which is why many people admire other people's talents, which are able to perform different tricks and skillfully own their own bodies, being in excellent physical shape. One simple and effective tricks is to stand on his hands, and you can easily learn it, if you…

Sports And Fitness
How To Choose The Type Of Yoga

How to choose the type of yoga

Yoga - it's not exercise, rather worldview means to achieve harmony of the soul, body, spirit and mind. There are many areas of yoga. Choose for yourself what suits you more for health and temperament. Do not be afraid to try new directions. Eventually you will find your practice. And to begin with -…

Sports And Fitness
How To Remove The Wide Hips

How to remove the wide hips

Reduce the width of the hips - this is a feasible task for a woman. One has only to change the eating habits and make a little physical effort. But the need to update the wardrobe will be a reward for your efforts.

You will need:

- rope; - Rigid sponge; - Antitsellyutny cream.

Instruction how…

Sports And Fitness
As A Man To Gain Weight

As a man to gain weight

Women's attention is constantly attracted to men with a sports figure and pumped. To quickly gain weight, you need to connect the strength training and proper nutrition. Of course, the need to eliminate all the bad habits - smoking and alcohol.

You will need:

- Food; - Exercise.

Instruction as a man to gain weight

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Sports And Fitness
How To Get A Good Stretch

How to get a good stretch

Flexibility - one it is given by nature, and the other for stretching requires a lot of training. No matter you are starting to engage in stretching or just want to improve the performance of their favorite technique exercises, but be aware that this technique of stretching, will be useful for everyone.

Instruction how to…

Sports And Fitness
How To Axel

How to axel

His name is obliged to jump the Norwegian skater Axel Paulsen. This beautiful item is the most common in the figure skating programs. To learn how to implement it, it will take more than one day of hard training.

You will need:

- skates for figure skating; - The possibility of visiting the ice rink; - Maybe a coach.…

Sports And Fitness
How To Quit The Sport

How to quit the sport

Often there comes a time that becomes clear in the life of an athlete - for a certain period of time is necessary to leave the sport. But do not forget that the body is already accustomed to a certain rhythm and stress. Denying his sport entirely impossible, it can lead to the most disastrous consequences.…

Sports And Fitness
How To Strengthen The Gluteal Muscle

How to strengthen the gluteal muscle

Appetizing priests Brazilians, the most expensive in the world's fifth point - buttocks Jennifer Lopez. All this can not but cause mild envy any normal woman. The good news is that your "rear" are no less beautiful than the "rear" J. Lo. And in order to achieve absolute perfection need only a little effort.


Sports And Fitness
How To Learn To Take A Punch

How to learn to take a punch

Whoever he was the person - the athlete or the mere mortals it is sometimes necessary to literally "punch" the enemy. Often, such a skill - is a necessity of survival in our difficult circumstances. There are some simple techniques that will help you to do this most effectively.

You will need:

Physical training Psychological…

Sports And Fitness
Flat Stomach: Myth Or Reality?

Flat stomach: myth or reality?

The season of bathing suits, and, consequently, a growing number of girls are thinking about how in the shortest possible time to bring her figure to perfection. The problem of extra kilos on her stomach is relevant to many of the fairer sex.

Flat, inflated abdomen with prominent stripes press - the dream of many…

Sports And Fitness
How To Slim Thighs

How to slim thighs

Laziness, lack of time and a lack of knowledge of where to start lead to the fact that the woman every day sees in a mirror its shape a bit fat. Set aside 30 minutes every day for home workouts and very soon you get to own ideals and make your thighs thin.

Instruction how to make…

Sports And Fitness
How To Remove Belly Fat At Home

How to remove belly fat at home

Some people believe that people with large fat deposits in the abdomen can help only expensive nutritionists, trainers trendy fitness clubs, and in extreme cases - plastic surgeons. However, you can remove the stomach and in the home. But it will take for himself by becoming a demanding coach, nutritionist uncompromising and even a…

Sports And Fitness
How To Wind The Hoop For Gymnastics

How to wind the hoop for gymnastics

Hoop - is one of the objects in rhythmic gymnastics, which is quite possible to decorate their own, thus giving leotard gymnast harmonious addition. In addition, the hoop winding significantly reduces its deformation, and it becomes more rigid.

Instruction how to wind the hoop for gymnastics

Step 1:

For winding the hoop you can use…

Sports And Fitness
How To Install Mounting Skiing Hunting

How to install mounting skiing hunting

Any standard equipment must be carefully prepared before use, but especially hunting skis. They help faster and easier to navigate through the snow. It is very important not only to choose the right skis for yourself on the material and size, but well-fixed attachment.

You will need:

Hunter skiing, mount

Instruction on how to install a…

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How To Build Push-Ups

How to build push-ups

Push-ups - one of the most simple exercises. Performing push-ups included in the compulsory program of physical education classes in school. This uncomplicated movement can easily pump up muscles of the arms, chest, upper back. The push-ups also take part muscle and cortex, primarily press. Do not wrinkle your nose and say that a push - it's…

Sports And Fitness
The Importance Of Harmony In The Practice Of Yoga

The importance of harmony in the practice of yoga

Whatever kind of yoga you are doing, inner harmony to be in first place in your sensations. Whether it is Hatha Yoga or Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga and pranayama yoga, it does not matter. If there is discomfort, then it is not yoga.

Yoga must take place as natural as life itself.…

Sports And Fitness
How To Do A Somersault

How to do a somersault

Salto is one of the most spectacular elements of gymnastics and acrobats. However, trying to do his many fans of extreme sports. It is important to understand the main points of preparation for the execution of this trick, otherwise you may cause a serious injury.

Instruction how to do a somersault

Step 1:

Work on the development…

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