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How To Learn To Jump Away

How to learn to jump away

Long jump included in the program in athletics competitions. They are an essential element in the preparation and presentation of athletes from different sports. The ability to jump has practical significance, such as skipping over the ditches and puddles. Learn how far you can jump, if you jump to master the technique and develop speed-strength.…

Sports And Fitness
How Quickly Gain Weight And Muscle Mass

How quickly gain weight and muscle mass

To quickly gain weight and muscle mass, you need to perform three rules. Strongly eat, play sports intensively and relax properly. If you are not going to comply with them, weight gain will go slowly.

Instruction how to quickly gain weight and muscle mass

Step 1:

Enter in the diet of foods rich in protein.…

Sports And Fitness
Who Received The Individual Award Nhl

Who received the individual award NHL

At the end of 2011/2012 season's National Hockey League players awarded individual prizes. The best snipers, scorers and most valuable players of the season received their well-deserved awards.

Individual Award "Art Ross Trophy" is awarded to players who have scored in the regular season, the most points in the system "goal + pass". In 2012,…

Sports And Fitness
How To Remove Fat From The Thighs

How to remove fat from the thighs

Ugly buttocks, "breeches", tselyullit - all these misfortunes know a huge number of women. Alas, the hip for many of the fair sex is a problem area. And sometimes whole life passes in the fight for that on the beach in a bikini look good, if not, then at least decent. Remove fat from…

Sports And Fitness
How Should You Drink Water During Exercise

How should you drink water during exercise

During a workout, drink water is necessary and important. The body is warmed, accelerated metabolism, the body loses moisture, the muscles produce lactic acid. Consuming plenty of fluids before, during and after training, you protect your body from dehydration.

Instruction how to drink water during your workout

Step 1:

If you are an active sport,…

Sports And Fitness
How Is The Draw For The Champions League

How is the draw for the Champions League

UEFA Champions League is the main club tournament. In it converge the best European teams, for the right to become the owner of the Champions Cup fight dozens of clubs. The winner for the year will wear the title of the strongest teams in Europe.

Instruction takes place as the draw for the…

Sports And Fitness
Useful Than Regular Jogging

Useful than regular jogging

Regular exercise good for the body. Average jogging or jogging is one of the types of such activity, the most affordable for everyone. It does not require any exercise equipment, ammunition or particularly outstanding physical data. To run only need the desire, time, sports uniforms and space where to run.

What is jogging Jogging - is running…

Sports And Fitness
As The House Will Learn To Do A Somersault

As the house will learn to do a somersault

Young guys exactly like grown men, never missed a great opportunity to demonstrate to all their sporting achievements and skills. After all, strength, flexibility and agility are required characteristics of a real man. So how do you learn to do a somersault in the home? Make it very difficult, for this you…

Sports And Fitness
How To Lift Sagging Breasts

How to lift sagging breasts

The idea of ​​beautiful breasts has changed over time. Who is considered the ideal breast, which in any gestures retains the same shape. Therefore, the size - not the most important quality. The main thing that you should pay attention to is the tone of the breasts, emphasizing its elasticity. Beautiful looks tall chest combined with…

Sports And Fitness
Who Is The Organizer Of A Series Of International Cycling Race Tour De France

Who is the organizer of a series of international cycling race Tour de France

International road cycling race «Tour de France» (Le Tour de France) this year held for the 99th time. Traditionally, it is held in the middle of summer - in July - and attracts the strongest representatives of the sport. In the race involving cyclists professionals, which are…

Sports And Fitness
How Do Feints In Basketball

How do feints in basketball

Ability to make player feints largely determine the success of the game of the team. Feint - it is not just a deceptive motion is timely tactical decisions that require immediate response and excellent footwork.

Instruction how to make feints in basketball

Step 1:

Evaluate your position on the court at any time during the game. View…

Sports And Fitness
How To Choose The Operating Weight

How to choose the operating weight

Newcomers to the first training in the hall do not get too zealous and do a lot of different exercises. Much more important - choose the optimum operating weight projectile. This should be done only in accordance with a special procedure.

You will need:

- gym; - The horizontal bar; - Rope; - The crossbar; -…

Sports And Fitness
How To Choose A Dress For Snowboarding

How to choose a dress for snowboarding

Proper clothing is as essential for snowboarders, as a board, the slope and the presence of snow, because it must be protected from the cold, wind, moisture, as well as being comfortable and not hamper movements. Related equipment for snowboarding can be divided into three layers: underwear, insulation and membrane.

Instruction how to choose…

Sports And Fitness
How To Build Hands In A Short Time

How to build hands in a short time

Strong hands have always been a symbol of strength. Ask any man to show muscle, and it will show you exactly biceps. Any newcomer came into the gym, ask a question: "And where you can pump up your hands?". Correct to exercise hands systematically connect with training chest and back. But if you…

Sports And Fitness
How To Get Rid Of The Fat Folds

How to get rid of the fat folds

Folds of fat on the body look unaesthetic. For its owner, they create psychological complexes, which often interfere to find a life partner, affect the overall health and make a person withdrawn and diffident. Get rid of the problem of wrinkles on the body to help exercise. Follow them 4 - 5 times…

Sports And Fitness
As The Girl Hand Pump

As the girl hand pump

Elastic, beautiful and moderately inflated woman's body has a special attraction, mesmerizing views of men. So girls dream to look your best, to feel much more confident. To pump up your hands, use your own weight and dumbbells.

You will need:

- dumbbells; - Bench.

Instruction how to pump up the girl hands

Step 1:

Dips oriented muscles…

Sports And Fitness
How To Raise Your Buttocks

How to raise your buttocks

Buttocks are considered one of the most attractive parts of both male and female body. And that they are in great shape, the gluteal muscles should be carefully trained. The only way to become or remain the owner or the owner of the firm and taut priests.

Instruction how to raise your buttocks

Step 1:

Exercise first…

Sports And Fitness
How To Get Rid Of The Fat Folds On The Back

How to get rid of the fat folds on the back

Ugly fat folds on the back afflict both men and women. The reasons for the emergence of this problem a lot, but any of them can be controlled. Response may be different, your task - to persevere. You need to not only get rid of fat, but also to build…

Sports And Fitness
How To Form A Correct Posture

How to form a correct posture

Correct posture and tripping - a sign of a successful and self-confident person. Formation of a correct posture begins in childhood. If a child is slow-moving and often slouches, then he may develop scoliosis, cervical lordosis and thoracic kyphosis. To form a correct posture can be with the help of exercise and constant self-control.


Sports And Fitness
As Athletes Pumped Hands Using Dumbbells

As athletes pumped hands using dumbbells

Large hands of a man is the measure of his strength. The realities of our reality, many people just do not have time to go to the gym to maintain itself in the form. But we can study at home, having bought the dumbbells, which will save a lot of time and money. So how…

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