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How To Get To The National Team Of Russia On Football

How to get to the national team of Russia on football

Russian national football team holds eleventh place in the FIFA rankings and is considered to be a very strong team. The opportunity to play in it, defending the honor of his country, is a cherished dream of many players.

Instruction how to get into the national team of Russia on…

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How To Win A Ticket To Euro 2012

How to win a ticket to Euro 2012

Soon will start the European Football Championship 2012. Those wishing to get on the rostrum every year becomes more and more of the stadium. Given the experience of previous years, when the box office standing kilometer queue, and speculation has acquired disastrous proportions, this year the association UEFA has developed a new ticketing…

Sports And Fitness
How To Play Hockey Defender

How to play hockey defender

Hockey - a game for real men. Each player on the team is a role that the game was not only fast and matching, but also beautiful. The main function of the defense is a defensive action.

Instruction in how to play hockey defender

Step 1:

Improve your riding and maneuvering skating facing forward. Particular importance is…

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What To Do After A Workout

What to do after a workout

Despite the fact that the exercise - it's a great way to deal with stress for the body, they are usually serious shock. If you finish the training in the usual fall on the sofa, the muscles (and most importantly the heart) will wear out quickly and the sport starts detrimental effect on your health,…

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How To Evaluate The Performance Of The Coach

How to evaluate the performance of the coach

Coach professional - this self-made athlete, and a good teacher. In evaluating his professional qualities, consider not only the results of his students, but especially in its working methods.

Instruction how to evaluate a job coach

Step 1:

Giving your child to a sports school, parents tend to bring this passion and favor, and…

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How To Build Long Muscles

How to build long muscles

Strong back - the key to success in almost any sport force. Carrying frame function, it takes up the main load and weightlifting sessions, and during the wrestling matches. In addition, the back straight - it is also a sign of health. A basis for a healthy and long straight back up the muscles.

Instruction how…

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How To Choose A Hockey Helmet

How to choose a hockey helmet

Hockey - a beautiful and spectacular game. However, for the players this sport much travmoopasen, but because there are special requirements for the protection of the player. It is an important component of the helmet.

Instruction how to choose hockey helmet

Step 1:

When choosing a helmet, pay attention to the weight (it should not be…

Sports And Fitness
How To Get Rid Of Fat Deposits In The Abdomen

How to get rid of fat deposits in the abdomen

Scientists have proved that an excess of fat in the abdomen increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases. Life expectancy of overweight people according to statistics less than thin. This gives serious reason to think about how to bring your body in shape and get rid of fat on…

Sports And Fitness
How To Make Your Legs More Fully

How to make your legs more fully

Men and women lean physique often dissatisfied with their own views of the feet. Add lean muscle mass, and thus give more prominence feet, help special exercises. Perform the following power range of at least 3 times a week and gradually notice the volume of your thighs and legs becomes much more.

Instruction how…

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How To Mold The Skates

How to mold the skates

Time attached to the felt boots runners proudly called skates, is long gone. New technologies are widely used in all kinds of sports. Perfection is not only the skill of the athletes, but also their equipment. In particular, thanks to technology such as thermoforming, significantly reduced the time it takes an athlete to break in new…

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How To Attach The Horizontal Bar

How to attach the horizontal bar

You want to have a beautiful figure. It is not necessary to immediately go to the gym. You can take your physique at home. The most popular and affordable exercise to improve your body - pulling up on the bar, or the bar. This exercise is familiar to all from the school. Pull-ups are developing…

Sports And Fitness
How To Download All The Muscles Of The Body

How to download all the muscles of the body

If you plan to train the muscles of the whole body, do not forget to pay attention, in addition to physical activity, and nutrition. It must be balanced and contain a high amount of protein. But should be not only diet but also training schedule.

Instruction how to download all the muscles…

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How High Jump

How high jump

The ability to jump high can help in some situations, such as when there is a need to overcome any obstacle. Regular practice jumps allow to keep yourself in good physical shape. To achieve what some results, you need to perform a variety of exercises to develop not only the leg muscles, but also the entire body.


Sports And Fitness
Where In Moscow It Is Possible To Engage In Qigong

Where in Moscow it is possible to engage in qigong

Qigong - the ancient Chinese system of philosophical values ​​and practices, which includes physical and breathing exercises, meditation. It is aimed at countering diseases through cultivation, and the disclosure of its own reserves. Specificity of training Qigong is that at the initial stage they should be dealt with under the guidance…

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How To Stretch Your Legs

How to stretch your legs

Heaviness in the legs, stiff muscles of the lower limbs and other similar phenomena quite often troubled modern man. At this point I want to warm up properly, pull every muscle in the legs and joints to work. To carry out the desire to help you complex described below.

Instruction how to stretch your legs

Step 1:…

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How To Determine Whether The Skates Sharpened

How to determine whether the skates sharpened

Confident and good skiing can be achieved only on skates, who correctly sharpened blade. From the correct sharpening skates depend on such moments on the ice, as braking, sliding, performance and sustainability of other elements.

Instruction how to determine whether the skates sharpened

Step 1:

Try on the ice to perform the side too much.…

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How To Learn To Fence

How to learn to fence

You captivated the world of dueling, the Musketeers and ladies in corsets? At a time when it was a matter of honor above life, every young man felt it necessary to be able to hold a sword in his hands. If you really want to get closer to the era, to experience the same feelings of…

Sports And Fitness
How To Quickly Pump Up The Press At Home

How to quickly pump up the press at home

To have a beautiful news, we must try to reduce body fat in the abdominal region, and at the same time strengthen the abdominal muscles with the help of special exercises. The best exercises for the abs are the ones that will make the whole body tense, keeping his back.

Instruction how…

Sports And Fitness
How To Download The Muscles In Relief

How to download the muscles in relief

Relief of your muscles - it's not just their ideal state, but also the presence of fatty tissue under the skin. Athletic shapes can not be achieved only by the muscles, without subcutaneous fat, they will provide you with only the sporty look. Therefore, to achieve relief of muscle force required not only exercise…

Sports And Fitness
How To Choose Your Equipment For Skiing

How to choose your equipment for skiing

It's time to take up the active mind relax and spend your vacation on the slopes of snow-capped peaks, learning to ski. If you decide to seriously engage in skiing, especially you have a question about the choice of skis and gear, as well as accessories.

Instruction how to select equipment for skiing

Step 1:…

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