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As Bodybuilding

As bodybuilding

Bodybuilding may seem stranger thing simple: you just need to come to the gym and to the last effort to engage, lift heavy barbell, dumbbell and so on. In fact, there are many nuances that can not be ignored.

Instruction how bodybuilding

Step 1:

For a successful start of the course you should have a minimum of not only the…

Sports And Fitness
How To Relax Your Leg Muscles

How to relax your leg muscles

Relaxation - a condition in which the muscles are completely at rest. Muscle relaxation is important not only after physical activity, but also to the occupation. You must learn to relax the muscles when you are at rest, and relax the muscles that do not participate in the movement as during exercise, as well as…

Sports And Fitness
How To Dress For A Ski Trip

How to dress for a ski trip

Skiing people are freezing, not only from the cold and wind, but also from getting wet clothes inside, caused by sweating while driving. Water - it is an excellent conductor of heat, so when the clothes get wet, your body does not have time to produce enough heat. Therefore, the main condition for warm…

Sports And Fitness
Who Will Play In The Quarterfinals Of The Uefa Champions League 2015

Who will play in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League 2015

The main football club tournament of the Old World is entering its final stage. We identified eight best clubs in Europe, which will compete for the European Cup in the 2014-2015 season.

The first quarter-final of the Champions League 2014-2015 UEFA will take place 14 th and April 15…

Sports And Fitness
How To Install Soft Mounting Skiing

How to install soft mounting skiing

Modern industry produces a comfortable and light skiing and reliable metal mount them. But in some cases the skier's legs is connected to the skis with soft straps. The advantage of such a fastener is that it is versatile and does not require special footwear. Mounts in the form of straps are used among hunters…

Sports And Fitness
How To Keep The Air Gun

How to keep the air gun

Technology holding the air pistol is quite simple, but many young arrows she somehow neglected. We analyze the main points of the art air pistol grip.

Instruction how to keep the air gun

Step 1:

First of all, remember the most important rule - do not press the handle with the power of the gun. The…

Sports And Fitness
How To Defeat The Enemy In The Fight

How to defeat the enemy in the fight

The hero of Brad Pitt from the movie "Fight Club," said, "You do not know anything about yourself, if you have never fought." To what extent this is true, we should not be judged. Another thing is that a street fight may lie in wait for you, not only in a dark alley,…

Sports And Fitness
How To Get Rid Of The Fat Folds On The Stomach

How to get rid of the fat folds on the stomach

Skinfold may appear on the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth, when the abdominal muscles separate, or as a result of the excesses in eating and lack of physical activity. Get rid of the fat folds helps set of physical exercises.

Instruction how to get rid of the fat folds on…

Sports And Fitness
How To Adjust The Ski Binding

How to adjust the ski binding

ski Mounts lose any sense in terms of reliability and security, if we neglect the implementation of a simple but binding action on their adjustment. According to statistics, every third skier fails to comply with such standards.

Instruction how to adjust the ski mounting

Step 1:

Carefully read the instructions on installation and adjustment of your…

Sports And Fitness
How To Behave Russian Fans In Poland

How to behave Russian fans in Poland

In the eighties of the last century English soccer fans were the terror of Europe. In a bad mood, they smashed everything that came in their way. During the unrest, which they arranged in the stands during the final match of the Champions Cup in 1985, which killed 39 fans of English clubs were…

Sports And Fitness
How To Develop A Strong Blow

How to develop a strong blow

A truly powerful blow can be obtained if applied his relaxed hand. In this case, it will be sharp and biting. But how to relax the muscles of the hand? It's quite difficult, because when attacking the muscles tense up automatically. Among the boxers there was a belief that in order to win, you need…

Sports And Fitness
How To Download The Press With A Wheel

How to download the press with a wheel

Exercise clip - the simplest and most effective training device for which there is a place even in the most cramped apartment. This elementary device there is little competition in terms of the load on the muscles of the abdomen. Although exercise with the roll is not so much to get the perfect…

Sports And Fitness
How To Be In The Form Of

How to be in the form of

You managed to be patient, to pull myself together and make a great figure. And now you are faced with a new challenge. It turned out that always maintain a good shape is much more difficult than to achieve it. your lifestyle is necessary to change not at some period of time, but forever.…

Sports And Fitness
How To Drive Away The Weight Before A Competition

How to drive away the weight before a competition

Sometimes the athlete urgently need to round up a few kilos before an important speech. Either he is gaining more than you need in the off-season, or he just does not pass in its weight class. Anyway, there are a few great ways to drive away the weight before the competition.


Sports And Fitness
How To Build Abs And Legs

How to build abs and legs

Fashion sports captures more and more people. Healthy lifestyle, the ability to keep the body in the form of steel is very popular. And if men choose to build muscle mass, women in most cases, want to lose weight and become slimmer. The most problematic places are usually the abdomen and legs, and to work…

Sports And Fitness
How To Build The Upper Chest

How to build the upper chest

People involved in fitness, pay much attention to inflation of the chest muscles. This is due to the fact that the body should be developed in proportion, only then it will look nice. Each workout includes a set of exercises designed to develop the pectoral muscles.

Instruction how to build the upper chest

Step 1:


Sports And Fitness
How To Build Fitball

How to build fitball

Inflation feetball is no less difficult exercise than any training on it. On how well depends on the efficiency of pumped fitball performed on it sports complexes.

You will need:

Pump (car or bike).

Instruction how to pump fitball

Step 1:

Ideal pump fitball difficult. Inflate it should be up to the size indicated on the package. This will…

Sports And Fitness
How To Build Chest Muscles Dumbbells

How to build chest muscles dumbbells

If you do not have much free time, but you want to have been wide and pumped the chest, you can pump up the pectoral muscles dumbbells yourself at home. Classes with dumbbells are good because they are included in the work of small muscle-stabilizers when working with them.

Instruction how to build chest muscles…

Sports And Fitness
How To Increase Flexibility

How to Increase Flexibility

Flexible body - a sign of femininity. And this will help to achieve a complex stretching exercises. The main conditions for success are the systematic study and the ability to feel his own body.

Instruction how to increase flexibility

Step 1:

Stand up straight, feet together, hands raise up. Inhale, pull the arms. With an exhalation, bend at…

Sports And Fitness
How To Train Your Back

How to train your back

Strong back muscles not only provide strength and power of almost any movement in the first place, they provide reliable protection for the spine. It was back muscles support the human body in an upright position. This provides a physiologically correct position of the internal organs of the chest and abdomen. Not coincidentally, scoliosis of the…

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