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The best exercises for weight loss

Exercises for losing weight low-level exposure are the best because they provide consistent results with minimal risk of trauma during class.

The best exercises for weight loss

Doctors note that the safe level of weight loss is an indicator of 0,45-0,9 kg per week. To achieve this goal it is necessary to burn 500-1000 calories consumed in a day or less at 500-1000 food units each day. It is also possible to combine these two methods. Physical exercises lasting more than 250 minutes per week provide significant progress in losing weight.

Aerobic exercise

Such low-intensity exercises burn a significant amount of calories. As an example, walking, biking, and elliptical machines use. should be given to training at least half an hour five days a week to improve health status. Slimming the amount of travel time should be increased to 45-60 minutes a day.

The rate of burning calories

The number of calories burned depends not only on the intensity and exercise, but also the weight. For example, people who weigh 70 to 84 kg will burn about 298-356 calories in an hour walk at a pace of 5.5 kilometers per hour; 520-622 calories in an hour of cycling at a moderate pace; 670-800 calories per hour using an elliptical machine. If you want to speed up the process of losing weight, you must increase the rate, the level of intensity or duration of employment.

Power training

Adding those (push-ups, exercise with dumbbells) will increase your strength, contributing to weight loss and prevention of injuries. Combining power with aerobic training provides the most effective weight loss. However, be careful. Improper implementation of power exercises you can seriously hurt yourself.