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The importance of harmony in the practice of yoga

Whatever kind of yoga you are doing, inner harmony to be in first place in your sensations. Whether it is Hatha Yoga or Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga and pranayama yoga, it does not matter. If there is discomfort, then it is not yoga.

The importance of harmony in the practice of yoga

Yoga must take place as natural as life itself. Yoga is such a self-system, which is very near and dear to the person who has experienced the essence of this ancient teaching.

Nowadays, in many fitness centers and yoga studios for yoga understand what yoga really is not. This may be gymnastics, acrobatics, stretching exercises. But there is close and it is not about self-discovery system. And just imagine, in ninety percent of cases.

Such an attitude to yoga in the West has developed because the system does not properly understand the teachers themselves. Yoga exercises are trying to drive in a certain style, which fit under - the canons. But it did not initially correctly.

Understand by whether a person is engaged in yoga, or simply performs even complex poses that look like yoga, but these are not without possible. Why? Because it can not be seen, it can only be felt. To feel the inner harmony can only own practices.

A statement from the category of "you do this pose is not right" to yoga have not the slightest relationship. The approach when the teacher or instructor clearly defines the performance of individual exercises can give benefit. The benefit to the physical body, for example. But as yoga is not aimed at the development of a single physical body, such an approach can not be called yoga, but often it is so called. It confuses practitioners.

Therefore, listen to their inner feelings in the first place. Inside, you should be happy. Never seek to perform the asanas so, "as in the picture," do not try to "please the casual observer."