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The most common myths about weight loss

Local fat reduction or "spot reduction" of fat - this is a clever marketing trick that often use unscrupulous dealers of fitness, in order to sell you the air. Contrary to claims that advertising, local fat burning is impossible. It is impossible to achieve with exercise to burn fat only in the desired area (around the waist, for example). Fat can only burn throughout the body simultaneously. The speed of this process depends on the genetics, sex (hormones) age. Any exercises for abdominal muscles, but will train their physical qualities, not to burn the layer of fat over them. Therefore, no matter how many twists lying you do, less fat in the waist area from it will not.

The most common myths about weight loss

The fat in the body is stored in the fat cells in the form of triglyceride. This is our energy reserve in case of emergency, the way nature intended. And when the need arises in fat consumption (need energy, raw materials for hormones, etc.), then triglenirid snachaladolzhen split into smaller fragments: fatty acids and glycerol. Strictly speaking, this is called lipolysis or fat burning. Glycerine and fatty acids which are produced as a result of lipolysis and out of cells into the blood which is conveyed the substance in the place of use.

Order at the beginning of lipolysis (zhirorasschepleniya) in the cell gives the corresponding hormone travels through the bloodstream. These hormones are many, and each begins to stand out, depending on the specific situation. When in danger, it's adrenaline. If you're hungry and in the body of the low level of sugar, the hormone glucagon. If you fucking much hungry and still perform heavy physical or mental strain, then cortisol. At night, for the construction and energy processes will be generated by growth hormone - somatotropin.

All of these hormones are able to order on the breakdown of fat (lipolysis). But it is important for us is not it. For us it is important that all hormones in any case circulate through the bloodstream evenly. Hormone can be forced to circulate in any one place (in the belly area, for example). It's impossible! If the corresponding developed a hormone, it will interact with all the fat cells of the body.

This is the scientific explanation of why you can not burn fat in the waist area strictly, without reducing its quantity elsewhere. The hormones that burn fat will always interact with all of your body, but with a different effect! Fat will not go the same way in all locations. Somewhere faster, but somewhere very slowly. This is due to capillarization and the number of necessary receptors in the muscles.

Evolution has provided a number of "user-friendly" places to store fat (abdomen, buttocks, thigh), where it is deposited and stored active. On the other hand there are a number of places to store fat is not convenient, so there it is poorly stored (wrists, ankles, calves, etc.) and is burned in the first place. The rule here is simple: the less fat in a particular place, the faster it burns and there is less delayed. The more fat in a particular place, the more difficult and slower where it is cleaved.

Yet another moment. Lipolysis or fat breakdown - it is not a guarantee of getting rid of him. Just split fat, roughly speaking, hit the blood and floats there in a convenient form for use as energy, for example. If you do not use it (do not burn in the workout or as a result of diet), then it after a while return to the fat cells.

I would like to dispel another very popular myth of the mechanical and thermal fat loss. We are talking about losing weight through a variety of massages (anti-cellulite, fat burning, etc.), saunas, baths, all kinds of vibrators tumble fat, special zone for weight loss and other obscurantism. Cleavage of fat - is essentially an ordinary chemical reaction (splitting of triglycerides into fatty acids). It can be concluded from this that the body fat is not possible to "melt" or "squeeze out" from fat cells. A variety of treatments, such as massages, saunas and others will be able to solve a single task - to activate in your fatty tissues increase blood flow, improve blood circulation in the muscles. Of course, the more active the blood supply, the more will get the right hormones to your fat cells. But this is only an improvement of transport routes, and nothing more. Without proper eating habits and exercise literate fat will remain in place, despite all the tricks.