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The most effective combination of fat burners

With the arrival of spring, many eager to get rid of the hated fat. Of course, diet and aerobic exercise has not been canceled. But how unbearably want to go all the way to a slimmer body as soon as possible! And here to the aid can come special preparations - "fat burners". However, few people know that some drugs when combined with each other, it is possible to achieve a synergistic effect.

The most effective combination of fat burners


Triyodtrininin and clenbuterol

Triyodtrininin very well accelerates metabolism, and clenbuterol (anti-catabolic) allows you to such harsh conditions to keep the muscle tissue and at the same time effectively acts on the beta receptors of the body, thus accelerating the burning of fat in the tissues. Still, this is not the safest circuit (so it is possible to make its own denial of the hormonal system in the development of its own T3 and a lifetime to sit on tablets with its artificial analogue), but because of all of the available drugs is the most efficient link.

Yohimbine and Clenbuterol

Quite a lot of people speak very positively about this bundle. Yohimbine blocks the alpha receptors are bad in the body that prevent fat burning and clenbuterol on the contrary, stimulates the good beta-receptors. Do we get a situation where the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe. Slimming process is greatly accelerated.

ECA (ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin)

Probably one of the best "pre-workout" combinations in a "drying". But, unfortunately, it is the law of the Russian Federation, because the component is "ephedrine" is prohibited. You can contrive to buy bronholitin (20 mL bronholitin + 2 + caffeine pills poltabletki aspirin), but that's not really what you need.

And what if you combine it all at once?

This is a very bad idea. You start with heart problems, pressure and general condition, because many of these substances affect the central nervous system, the production of adrenaline, the action of the alpha and beta receptors, redox processes in cells. 1-2 the drug even admissible control. If more, then it's like to play "Russian roulette". This is just silly.

 And best of all, and to refrain from the use of special accelerators for drying! I have long been convinced that they have a "temporary effect", that is, only work as long as you use them, and then "lose fat" is returned. If you do not speak at events where I would have a temporary effect on the show one day and live a full life all year round, it is more important to you permanent results, not temporary! I know that many will say in response: "Here I am dry with a fat burner, and then I will support fry form!" That's a lie! Do not be so! Those who are looking for easy ways, will never be able to maintain a good shape all the time, because they do it and have not learned. 

You can avoid a cup of strong coffee without sugar before cardio. No more. The main results need to be achieved with the right eating habits! Notice I did not say the word "diet", and say "eating habit" because any diet - this is a temporary phenomenon, but you also want to not temporarily, but permanently! To achieve a permanent lean species is only possible with the help of regular eating habits, that is, over time, learn to eat enough carbohydrates and fat but high in protein, vegetables and fruits. It is not so difficult if you gradually go for it. This can be very tasty and not perceived as a diet.