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How To Rent An Apartment In St. Petersburg

How to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg - a city with a strong rental market. Both demand and supply in this segment is large enough. Also, many companies operating in the field of mediation. The easiest way to search for apartments for rent contact the real estate agency. Independent search for the appropriate option more difficult, but also…

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How To Make The Buying And Selling Of Real Estate

How to make the buying and selling of real estate

All documents related to the purchase - sale of real estate must be made legally. Otherwise you can not prove that the transfer of money to register the object in his name, to be registered in it.

Instruction how to arrange the sale of real estate

Step 1:

If you are a…

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How Does The Value Of Housing On The Environment

How does the value of housing on the environment

The cost of housing depends not only on the number of square meters and the availability of separate toilets. Substantially affect the price of the sold or leased premises and its immediate surroundings.

Scientists from the University of Washington in collaboration with scientists from South Korea even conducted a study on the…

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How To Look For An Apartment In St. Petersburg

How to look for an apartment in St. Petersburg

Rent an apartment in St. Petersburg is not so simple - demand outstrips supply. Therefore, to find an option that suits you at the price, quality and location, it is necessary to make an effort.

Instruction how to find an apartment in St. Petersburg

Step 1:

First of all, decide the amount of…

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How To Rent An Apartment In Moscow

How to rent an apartment in Moscow

Arriving in the capital for a few days or for a long time, you should think about the place of residence. Accommodation in hotels of Moscow is not cheap. So it's best to rent an apartment or room.

Instruction how to rent an apartment in Moscow

Step 1:

Before you decide to look for a…

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How To Take A Room Without A Mediator

How to take a room without a mediator

The owner has the right to earn an income by renting out the extra living space. When using the services of intermediaries, all of the legal form of the transaction they undertake. In addition, look for a tenant, show potential lodgers living space. If you do not plan to use mediation, all the…

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Where Better Aredovat Apartment In Moscow

Where better aredovat apartment in Moscow

Wrong are those who believe that the best apartment - it is certainly expensive apartment. Deceived and those who believe that in Moscow there is a place, definitely better to rent an apartment. Each district has its own advantages and disadvantages. What are the capital regions are most attractive to rent housing from the perspective…

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How To Buy A House In Italy

How to buy a house in Italy

The rich cultural heritage of Italy, a beautiful Mediterranean climate, the diversity and uniqueness of nature and flavor of local residents - that's why foreigners want to buy a house in this country. To purchase houses Italy is considered fairly stable trend, the real estate market in the country is recognized as one of…

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How To Design A House

How to design a house

Designing and building your own home allows you to fully realize all your creative ideas, because you decide how your new home will look like. And live in a house designed by yourself is much nicer than a typical building, do not always meet some of the everyday needs of the family.

Instruction how to design…

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How To Pass The Cottage For The Summer

How to pass the cottage for the summer

If you have a house in the suburbs or rural areas, the desire to earn a lot of money on it is quite understandable in the summer. Such houses are very popular among the residents of megacities, tired of smog and traffic jams.

Instruction how to rent the cottage for the summer

Step 1:…

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How To Choose A Real Estate Agency In Moscow

How to choose a real estate agency in Moscow

Housing Problem and rent - issues relevant to Muscovites and visitors at all times, but today they are particularly acute. It is important to enlist the support of professionals to help you make the right choice.

Instruction how to choose a real estate agency in Moscow

Step 1:

First of all you must…

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How To Rent A House Without Agency

How to rent a house without agency

Rent a house in Russia - an expensive pleasure. The most common apartment in the old five-storey building can be equal in value to the average wage in the city. Real estate agencies do not differ modesty, and for his services charge between 30 to 80 percent. But to bypass agents and rent a…

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How To Transfer A Share In An Apartment

How to transfer a share in an apartment

Send a stake in an apartment can be only two ways: by means of a contract of sale or donation agreement. The second method, unlike the first, not at podrauzmevaet and relationships vozmezdnosti "seller buyer".

Instruction how to transfer a share in an apartment

Step 1:

Transferring a share in the apartment through the…

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How Do I Know What Will Happen To Housing Prices

How do I know what will happen to housing prices

In Russia, as well as throughout the world, the real estate market is in constant motion. Housing prices vary depending on the political and economic situation in the country, and often increasing, rather than decreasing.

Instruction how to find out what will happen to housing prices

Step 1:

Analyze the economic situation…

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How To Make A New Apartment

How to make a new apartment

Decoration of premises (apartments) in the property - a consequence of the grounds of ownership of the property. Thus the base can be a legal fact - the conclusion of the purchase contract (transaction). In this case, the contract is a bilateral transaction of sale, on the basis of which the ownership is transferred from…

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How To Deprive A Share In The Apartment

How to deprive a share in the apartment

Chapter 16 of the Civil Code regulates all the details of the relationship of owners of common ownership. Article 252 of the Civil Code states: general real estate owned by several owners, may be divided into shares under the agreement between them. However, in the case of non-payment of one of the equity…

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How To Cancel The Contract Of Donation Apartments

How to cancel the contract of donation apartments

The contract of donation - the document by which the donor gratuitously transfers or undertakes to transfer the ownership of a thing to the donee. In accordance with the law to cancel the deed only the donee, the donor or the public authorities may the apartment. There are several situations in which the…

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How To Make The Private House And Land

How to make the private house and land

Buying any property, whether it's country house, cottage, house or just a plot of land, the property requires registration. At registration of the land there are 2 main options: purchase of an existing plot of land with the house or the development of new, not previously existed. Basically, the choice of the citizens…

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How To Renew The Privatized Apartment

How to renew the privatized apartment

The legislation of the Russian Federation there are no clear regulations on the transfer of ownership of privatized apartment to another person. But there are other ways within the framework of the Civil Code, allowing for a re-registration of the property.

You will need:

- certificate of ownership of the property; - An agreement on privatization;…

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How To Make The Purchased Apartment

How to make the purchased apartment

Ownership of the purchased flat passes from the seller to the buyer based on the state registration of the sale (Federal Law №122-F3, Article №131 of the Civil Code). Before the registration process is necessary to prepare a package of documents on the basis of which will issue a certificate of ownership.

You will need:


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