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As in St. Petersburg to buy an apartment from the builder

Recently, in St. Petersburg is being built a large number of modern housing. The choice is huge, but if you are going to buy an apartment in a new, serious approach to this issue. To avoid becoming a victim of fraud and do not invest in the unfinished, before entering into the transaction, move the corresponding certificate of the company-builder and enlist the support of lawyers.

As in St. Petersburg to buy an apartment from the builder

Instruction in St. Petersburg to buy an apartment from the builder

Step 1:

First of all, decide which area would you like to buy an apartment. Remember that the finished apartments in the building are more expensive apartments in a newly built housing. So before you take the following steps, decide whether this information is fundamental for you. If you take the time to move to a new home, consider only ready variants. If the time tolerate, look for housing in a newly built house.

Step 2:

Important factors that affect the price of housing is the distance from the center of St. Petersburg, the type of housing being built, and panoramic views. Apartments in the house of a business class with a view of the Gulf of Finland, the Neva River or the famous sights will cost considerably more expensive home in a panel building an economy class.

Step 3:

Find out what type of homes are being built in your chosen area. You can do this in two ways: via the Internet or by contacting the real estate agency. After reviewing the proposed options, take the time, pause and analyze information.

Step 4:

Inquire about the company-builder. Study documentation and read reviews. If negative feedback, give up future relations with this organization. If a company is solid, go to the construction site. Rate district infrastructure surrounding area. If you arrange everything, grab a lawyer and go to the developer.

Step 5:

While the lawyer will examine the paper, talk to managers and make inquiries regarding the layout of the apartment, the view from the windows, infrastructure, deadlines, get the keys, etc. Take a pair of three-piece options. If the apartment is enough, take a couple of days to think. In the case of the housing shortage try to make the right decision as soon as possible.

Step 6:

If you buy an apartment for cash, do not forget to negotiate with the developer about a discount. It can range from 1 to 3-5%. In the case of home purchase mortgage learn all the nuances and details of credit.