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Cancellation of housing

If it happened that you went to the property of any kind, and you do not need it, you can abandon it. There are several effective ways to carry out this procedure.

Cancellation of housing

Instruction how to refuse housing

Step 1:

In that case, if you have inherited a stake in the privatized apartment, you have to share the ownership of living space along with other heirs. Refusal of inherited property you need to carry out the contract by means of share purchase or contract, according to which you give your share to any of the other heirs of the apartment.

Step 2:

To make such a conclusion, you will need a number of documents, in particular paper, which confirms your right to inherit property. In addition, you can not do without the permission of a notary to carry out the transaction, the documents of all shareholders, your failure documented by a notary public housing, etc.

Step 3:

You will need to call a specialist from the BTI, which will examine housing and on its basis will issue a new registration certificate of the apartment. Only after that you are together with those who you pass your share, you will be able to execute the necessary contract. Finally, you will need to issue the conduct of the transaction at the center of real estate registration, after which your share of the heir will come into its own.

Step 4:

Much easier would be the case if the apartment is not privatized. In this case, you just need to talk to a lawyer and to issue a refusal to participate in the privatization of housing.

Step 5:

If you applied for the inheritance of property, but a certificate attesting to this fact is not yet created, you can without the other heirs to issue refusal to share an apartment in the sides.

Step 6:

You can do it even easier - simply do not claim their rights. According to current legislation, you have the right to designate himself as the heir for six months. If you decide not to do so, then the property is transferred to you automatically will be divided among the other heirs.