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Country estate: how to buy and not have compassion

Country estate - a great opportunity to relax from the hustle and bustle. It is possible to grow organic food, or just gather with friends, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature.

Country estate: how to buy and not have compassion

Instruction country site: how to buy and not have compassion

Step 1:

If you decide to buy a suburban area, you first think about how it should be. You need just bare land, where you will grow vegetables and fruit, or cottage you dream about? Would a large estate with a grove, pond or forest areas? But maybe you prefer a secluded place, away from busy roads and talkative neighbors in the area. It all depends on your ability. But remember that a large portion requires more time and money on its care.

Step 2:

You can search the desired section of its own, or you can seek the services of an estate agent. If you choose the second option, you save yourself from the solution of many problems associated with the search for cottages. But for these services you will need to pay a certain percentage of the transaction.

Step 3:

Choosing a site, pay attention to the ecological status of the territory: the closely spaced dumps or landfills. Consider the prospects of development of the area, the possibility of connection costs and the necessary communications.

Step 4:

An important consideration when buying a suburban area and category of land to which it relates. Not at all permitted to erect housing structures. The best option for giving - land settlement.

Step 5:

Check documents for sold properties. Make sure that this land belongs to the seller. To do this, look at his passport and the original certificate of ownership. Check out the papers on which he took possession of the villa property. And make sure that he is the sole owner of the suburban area. Otherwise, in his arms must have a signed consent for the sale of other owners.

Step 6:

Buying property in horticulture, in any case, do not stop your choice on the privatized sector. To purchase it, ask the owner first right to issue this property.