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How best to buy an apartment in Moscow

Buying an apartment in Moscow, make a choice between primary and secondary housing markets. The advantages of the first option are clear: lower cost per square meter, improved layout, condition of the house and utilities, social homogeneity of the tenants. Disadvantages of the primary housing market - the need for money to invest in "bring to mind" new apartment, the inability to quickly check-in.

How best to buy an apartment in Moscow

You will need:

- PC with Internet access; - phone; - Calculator.

Instruction how best to buy an apartment in Moscow

Step 1:

Thoroughly examine the housing market, visit the online resources of real estate agencies or specialized websites. Based on the available funds, calculate any footage you can buy in a certain area of ​​the city. Contact profile companies, or use the services of a private broker. Having resorted to the help of professionals, you will save time and energy. Experts will select the best option for you, make the necessary documents and will accompany the transaction.

Step 2:

Wanting to save and buy a flat in the house being built, especially in the early levels of construction, you run the risk of being cheated by the developer and the encounter with the "freezing" of construction work. Instead of receiving the keys of the coveted apartments, you will have to, on the basis of the law that protects the rights of participants of shared construction, plunge into lengthy litigation.

Step 3:

If you do decide to buy a home in a newly built house, select a builder with an impeccable reputation, who has provided a lot of property in different districts of Moscow. Check out his statutory documents, registration certificate, authorization for construction and connection of communications. Apply for a contract to purchase an apartment at a certain stage of construction or an instrument of equity participation. Do not give your money to a creditor of the transaction. Do not skimp on security and the use of cashless payment options that minimize the potential risks in the transaction.

Step 4:

Buying an apartment in the secondary housing market, analyze and make the examination of documents necessary for the transaction. Requires documentation of any statement seller apartment on the technical condition of the premises. Find out the date of the latest cosmetic and major repairs housing. Get an apartment, which is fully exempt from the debt for utility payments, and all of its former occupants are removed from the register.

Step 5:

Pay special attention to the verification of legal purity of the purchased property. Identify all persons who have rights to the apartment and check if their rights are infringed by former owners of property in the transaction. Note that clarify some aspects of using the expertise of the collected set of documents is difficult. Talk to neighbors or local inspector and find out if apartment residents shall, absent here at the moment.

Step 6:

Remember that buying an apartment without intermediaries, you should be well versed in legal subtleties and nuances of the real estate market. Otherwise, you can easily become a victim of fraud. Do not buy an apartment, without examining her. Do not sign documents in a hurry, without prior acquaintance with them. If you have any questions, let them prior to signing documents. Remember that your perception of the acquired housing must fully correspond to reality.