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How do I know what will happen to housing prices

In Russia, as well as throughout the world, the real estate market is in constant motion. Housing prices vary depending on the political and economic situation in the country, and often increasing, rather than decreasing.

How do I know what will happen to housing prices

Instruction how to find out what will happen to housing prices

Step 1:

Analyze the economic situation and living standards in the region, where you are going to buy or sell a house. The cost of real estate, in addition to the main pricing factors, depends on the welfare of the city and the region. So, after the news of the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, experts have recorded a sharp rise in house prices in this city and the surrounding suburbs.

Step 2:

Decide what kind of accommodation you are interested in. Prices for the different categories of real estate develop differently and depend not only on the general economic trend. Thus, the price per square meter of secondary housing will primarily depend on the state of communications, the availability of repairs, the area in which the house is located. But the cost of space in a building under construction may increase depending on the increase in the cost of building materials - mainly in brick and concrete.

Step 3:

Learn the general economic and political situation in the market of the country house in which you are interested. Property prices are directly dependent on the exchange rate, the crisis situation the industry; military operations being conducted on the territory of the state, and even the state of the mortgage business. The more affordable the mortgage loans for the population, the more there is a growth in housing prices, as more and more people have the opportunity to buy it. In contrast, stricter requirements for borrowers in the case of general banking crisis leads to a decrease in cost per square meter - mainly on the secondary housing market.

Step 4:

Consult the experts. Anticipate changes in housing prices can both realtors and appraisers construction companies, as well as economists, is following the situation in global financial markets. Often, analytical articles about the possible changes in pricing in the housing market publishing business publications.