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How to apply for the exchange of flats

The process of exchange of apartments a few notable for its complexity of buying and selling real estate. If the sale is necessary to complete the coordination and settlement of all the issues to a greater extent only by the seller, in this case, both sides must equally comply with all legal requirements for the transaction.

How to apply for the exchange of flats

You will need:

- apartment, which will be exchanged; - The consent of all persons registered in the apartment; - Naimodatelya consent in the case of exchange of municipal apartments.

Instruction how to apply for the exchange of flats

Step 1:

If you carry out the exchange of privatized apartments, you will need to collect a certain set of documents. Write an application to the local authority rights to real estate and transactions with it. A sample you can take in that organization. There also you will need to provide proof of ownership of the apartment, an extract from the house register, a certificate stating that you have no debts of rent and utility payments, a certificate from the tax authority, indicating the absence of debts on payment of property taxes. From the BTI you must take the technical data sheet and floor plan and explication.

Step 2:

Pre-pay the state fee for registration of the transaction process. And a set of documents attach a receipt. All these papers are the basis for the registering authority to register the contract of barter. This document is for you to sign with another owner, with whom he exchanged apartments, in the presence of a notary.

Step 3:

If in addition you are in an apartment someone else is registered to collect a package of documents attach the written consent of each of these people. This document must also be signed before a notary and certified by his signature. In that case, if the apartment is registered person incapacitated, you must obtain permission for the exchange of custody and guardianship bodies. This institution may refuse to issue the document, if the living conditions in the new apartment will be worse than in the former.

Step 4:

If the apartment was acquired during the marriage, it is necessary to obtain the consent of a spouse, even if at the time of the exchange are divorced. Attach to the package of documents the certificate of marriage and divorce and the passport with birth certificates of all the parties to the transaction.

Step 5:

After the whole set of documents will be filed in the Office of the Federal Registration Service, made registration of the contract. As a result, there is an exchange and there is the ownership of each party to the transaction to a new apartment.

Step 6:

If there is an exchange of municipal property, the procedure is slightly different scheme. Can not be exchanged privatized apartment at the municipal. In this case it is necessary to solve the issue of privatization. And for the exchange of municipal housing on the same need to obtain the consent of naimodateley these apartments to conduct the transaction. To do this, write an application for naimodatelya name he should consider a period of ten days to agree or refuse in writing.

Step 7:

Filed under FRS statement signed by all adult family members. Sign the need, even those who at this moment do not live at this address. You will need a copy of the original order, as well as social rental apartment contract. Take an extract from the house register information of each person living in this period in the apartment. Attach to the package of documents a certificate from the housing department about what you do not have debts on utility bills. As the exchange of privatized apartments, you need to get the consent of guardianship bodies when staying at this housing incapacitated persons.

Step 8:

In the case of compliance with all conditions of the two sides sign a swap agreement, which will need to register in the FRS. Also, each of the employer enters into a contract of employment with his new naimodatelem. After this exchange is considered perfect.