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How to buy a cheap apartment in Tyumen

Contacting a real estate agency can release buyer from its solutions to many problems, since this task takes on the agent (he looks for a house, it is engaged in registration of contract and so on). However, this option - not the cheapest and most convenient. And because some buyers are trying to find themselves and to buy housing in Tyumen.

How to buy a cheap apartment in Tyumen

Instruction how to buy a cheap apartment in Tyumen

Step 1:

But regardless of whether you will contact the agency or not, you will have to make some concessions to buy cheap real estate. And you have to do this several ways. Firstly, you can buy cheaper than the living space, which is in need of repair (ie, is not in the best condition or if it is new, requires a full finish). However, thus saving on the apartment, you can spend more money than expected, due to renovations.

Step 2:

Premeditated, whether you are buying a new apartment or on the secondary market. It has its "pitfalls" in both cases. If you do not find a new apartment, but at a low enough price, do not rush to execute documents. Perhaps the seller compensates the property so some significant shortcomings (not the most reliable neighbors, poor communications, wiring, remote from the nearest stop location of the house, and so on).

Step 3:

The next option - the purchase of property in another house under construction. However, here there is one drawback. After waiting for the settlement can be quite long. Yes, and the developer should be chosen very carefully, otherwise you can not refer to a reliable company, and to the fraudsters.

Step 4:

If the agent or the property owner directly tells you to other buyers offering supposedly large sum, you should not blindly trust him. I'm sure he's just trying to "squeeze" of you that amount of money for which you did not expect. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, inspect the apartment, walk in the surrounding houses. Perhaps you'll find some significant flaw. In terms ogovarivanii some data at the cost of housing, you will be able to "knock down" price and to make their purchase more profitable.