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How to buy an apartment in Hurghada

I will share with you information on how to simply buy an apartment in Hurghada at the sea in a few steps.

How to buy an apartment in Hurghada

You will need:

- the Internet; - Valid passport; - $ 1,000 to reserve payment for an apartment.

Instruction how to buy an apartment in Hurghada

Step 1:

Choose a real estate agency in Hurghada. Check its reliability. This can be done by the reviews in the network of independent resources, find out information from friends (only familiar people, it is desirable not Egyptians and permanently residing in the Russian / CIS). In other words - are not interested in your purchase. Thereafter izuchitey realtor site: how long the company operates, how often updates the information about the property. Additionally, you can request the agency to e-mail copies of the constituent documents. They should be in Arabic. If necessary, you can apply for a transfer to the Bureau.

Step 2:

You choose to buy an apartment on their own website or send a request realtor, voicing the wishes, in particular, price category, area of ​​Hurghada, if you own the information, layout, number of rooms, proximity of infrastructure (Russian schools, kindergartens, etc.).

Step 3:

Choose one or more apartments to view. Come to Egypt, previously reported the date, time and location in the country. Real estate agency organizes viewing. For the purchased apartment make a deposit - $ 1000. Sign a contract pre-sale. Transfer money: cash against receipt; transfer to the account specified in the contract; through Western Union. If the proposal "burning"That is, a quick sale at a significant discount to book an apartment in Egypt, you can without leaving the country. The deposit is valid for 28 calendar days. During this period, the apartment did not show and do not offer to other buyers. And you must make full payment / make payment in installments according to the terms of the contract. You can also change your mind about buying a particular apartment, and select another within 28 days. In this case, the deposit is transferred to a new home.

Step 4:

As specified in the contract terms to bring the total amount of payment for an apartment in Hurghada, or the next payment installment provided. The transaction is recorded in the notary's office "Shahr El Akari" in Hurghada for 1-2 days. In the hands of the buyer are: certified contract of purchase and sale of apartments, taukil confirming the ownership of real estate, "Green contract" at registration of land.

Step 5:

Earliest occurs after payment of the full value of the property. By agreement with the developer / seller in installments can be occupied as in the introduction of the full amount or part of it. Installment agreement is made between the buyer and seller. Payment is made directly to the former owner. A pledge or mortgage the apartment is required.