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How to buy an apartment in Odessa

If you want to buy an apartment in the seaside town, come to Odessa and choose accommodation according to your taste and budget. After Odessa - a city with a rich history, literary and musical tradition. In general, in this city you never get bored.

How to buy an apartment in Odessa

Instruction how to buy an apartment in Odessa

Step 1:

Decide you want to live in any district of Odessa. Of course, the apartments in the historic center are much more expensive than the high-rise buildings in residential districts. If your soul warms only the fact that you live in the city of Babel and Utesova, choose an apartment in the homes of the old fund.

Step 2:

Buy newspapers with advertisements for the sale of real estate ( "Friday", "BUY and SELL", "AVISO") and check the offers. Choose the preferred options and call sellers to arrange a viewing time. Put in these newspapers and their Purchases apartments, specifying the approximate characteristics of the future of housing, cost and contact details.

Step 3:

View and you can place ads on the official websites of some newspapers: "BUY and SELL» (, «AVISO» ( To many ads for flats and attached photos. So you will be able to evaluate and plan. Sign up and fill in the form on the website of the newspaper ads, placing it in the appropriate section. Your ad will appear in an upcoming issue of the publication.

Step 4:

Carefully watch your favorite apartments. Pay special attention to the fact of their characteristics, are usually not informed about that in the ads: the presence of noisy highways, industrial enterprises, unreliable neighbors. Ask the owner (or estate agent) to show you the documents to the apartment and make sure to remove them with a copy to check the "purity" of the future transaction.

Step 5:

Make a purchase and sale agreement and assure his notary. You will need only a passport and a certificate identification number (if you are a resident of Russia - the second document). Then go with the seller in the registration center. Only after registration of the deal to give money to a receipt.