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How to buy an apartment in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of Russian cities with a highly developed real estate market. The purchase and sale of housing segment as a great offer and demand. So, for those who want to buy an apartment in the northern capital offers a wide enough choice.

How to buy an apartment in St. Petersburg

Instruction how to buy an apartment in St. Petersburg

Step 1:

Examine the current situation on the sale of St. Petersburg apartment market. The source of information will serve as the reviews in the media, consultancy in various real estate agencies (the service is free and does not commit in the future to buy an apartment it is through the agency), its own monitoring.

Step 2:

Define a set of requirements for the apartment (area, number of rooms, the state, the distance from the subway and infrastructure, etc.) to suit your financial capabilities.

Step 3:

Leave a few applications for the selection of agencies interested in the option with a full list of their demands to him. Try not to make any money: the major agencies claim for payment of their services after their delivery.

Step 4:

Continue in parallel independent search: Enter the constant monitoring of the various databases, real estate, online bulletin boards, printed media.

Step 5:

Contact the author of interesting announcements, make an screenings, visit the apartments offered for sale, conduct negotiations with their owners about the details of the sale: the terms, possible discounts, etc.

Step 6:

Be prepared to pay a deposit to reserve liked option. When you send money, ask the landlord to sign the agreement on the deposit, which must be specified its size and for the return and retention, and to give a receipt for the money.

Step 7:

Check out all the documents in the apartment. If you are dealing directly with the owner, without intermediaries, refer to specialists, who for a fee will conduct a full review of all securities provided by the owner.

Step 8:

Visit with the notary by the owner and make a deal if you are satisfied and the papers are in order. To send money better rent a safe-deposit box and give the seller access to it after the signing of the contract.

Step 9:

Register the sales contract in the territorial division Rosreestra serving the district of St. Petersburg, where you bought apartment, and get in a timely proof of ownership. With this document you can use the apartment as you see fit: to register it up temporarily, to sell it, donate, lease or use for their own accommodation.