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How to buy real estate in Germany

On the purchase of real estate in Germany dreams of almost everyone who lives abroad. It will be cheaper than buying a property in another country in Europe. Many people choose as a reliable property apartments and houses in Germany. It will be for you not only a pleasant event in your life, but also a profitable investment. Finally, you become the owner of a Schengen visa and will get the opportunity to travel throughout Europe.

How to buy real estate in Germany

You will need:

- passport - Money

Instruction how to buy property in Germany

Step 1:

Make your choice: an apartment or house. It all depends on your preferences. Would silence and solitude close to nature or on the contrary, want to become an owner of apartments in the bustling metropolis? Or maybe you want to buy land to build themselves a house of your dreams? There is the possibility of buying an old house with a plot. Such variations are more profitable than land. The only drawback of such land - house demolition and removal of debris. You have the right to obtain additional information regarding the selected objects. If there is a high probability of buying a selected object other customers about availability of the object with a partial prepayment.

Step 2:

Use the services of an interpreter in the preparation of the contract for the purchase of real estate. The fact that foreigners are not the natural or legal persons in Germany and did not speak the language at the appropriate level. To protect your interests, use the services of the German lawyer with whom usually signed power of attorney.

Step 3:

Carefully observe the work of a lawyer, let him tells you about each stage of the formation of a package of documents. Evaluate the efficiency of work. Typically, the process of buying residential properties in Germany takes 60 to 90 days, so have patience.

Step 4:

Carefully read the receipt of the purchase and sale agreement. If you are satisfied - you sign it and pay the remaining amount. Only after entering your owners in the register as the new owner of a residential facility, you become the full owner of property, and you can use it on your own. In the case of buying commercial properties such as bars, hotels, restaurants, the chances of increasing the income of the owner are obvious: an attractive tax system, ample opportunities in various fields - all this makes the work in Germany is extremely advantageous.

Step 5:

Please note that, even with a house in Germany, you can not obtain a residence permit or citizenship of Germany. But the presence in Germany of your own business is a powerful argument for the consideration of the application. The owner of the real estate, however, is eligible for a multiple entry visa on the basis of an extract from the Land Registry registration of owners and invitation from Germany.