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How to buy second homes

The purchase of second homes has its advantages. The house stood for several years, will not precipitate. You do not have to eliminate deficiencies that often remain after construction. You will not need to pay extra amount of tax on the sale, the size of which the sellers of apartments in new buildings generally increase the cost of housing.

How to buy second homes

Instruction how to buy second homes

Step 1:

Study advertisements in newspapers, specialized in private ads about buying and selling. See Internet sites. You can find ads from themselves landlords. In the same place their options and real estate firms. Submit a request to purchase the desired property themselves.

Step 2:

Choose interesting offers. If the ad gave the owner of property, call the telephone number to find out details about the object of sale, arrange a time when you can see a house.

Step 3:

Come a little early, talk on the street and in the yard with the tenants of the house in which you want to buy an apartment. Ask them for details on how long major overhaul. Ask about the state of water and sanitation. If you choose the top floor, find out if the roof leaks. Look at the presence of the children's playground, parking. Rate proximity to shops and public transport.

Step 4:

Inspect the apartment and talk with the owners about its advantages and disadvantages. Try to bargain.

Step 5:

If the housing and the price of it you arrange, negotiate with the owners of the money transfer method and the date of visit of a notary for registration of the contract of sale. From the apartment must be written and all the technical passport must be issued for it. After signing the contract, register the apartment in the state registration bodies.

Step 6:

If you are satisfied with an option to buy an apartment through an intermediary, please contact the real estate agency directly. Specialists will find you your preferred options, agree with the owners of the visiting time, solve your questions to them. If desired, you will be relieved from attending notary, BTI and the state registration bodies. For a fee, the agency will take the trouble of processing the transaction.