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How to cancel a donation of apartments

Making a dedication - this is one of the easiest ways to transfer ownership from one person to another. But the negative aspect of this agreement is that it is very difficult to dissolve.

How to cancel a donation of apartments

You will need:

- evidence of inappropriate content donated apartment / evidence attempt to bestow on your life (depending on the situation); - Legal advice.

Instruction how to cancel the donation apartment

Step 1:

If wanting to improve the living conditions of families, you gave them shelter, and they began to conduct a loose way of life, turning it into a hangout, you can cancel the donation apartment. A contract of gift may be terminated only through the courts. According to article 578 of the Civil Code mistreatment of the apartment can serve as a basis for canceling donative.

Step 2:

But do not rush to make a claim. First, gather the evidence base. Find photos of apartments before check endows where living space is well-groomed appearance, good repair. Then, provide a photo of the current deplorable housing conditions.

Step 3:

To people who carelessly traded a donated apartment, could not write off spoiled repair to any external forces (flooding, the dilapidated condition of the house, etc.), tell the court about their socially dangerous way of life. Invite as witnesses against neighbors who every day watching their fights. To complete the picture request is also characteristic of the local district. Taking into account the above evidence, the court recognizes the donation contract null and void.

Step 4:

There's also a different situation. You gave my apartment close verbally agreed that even after the transfer of the ownership of property they will stay there. But taking possession of the apartment, endows decided to get rid of you once and for all. In this case, the Civil Code and on your side. Secure injuries, write a statement to the police. Once we prove the fact of the attempt on your life, please refer to the court for recognition donation contract null and void.

Step 5:

If this is not a sad story happened with you and your nearest relative, you, as the heir of the donor, have the right to request a court to terminate the contract of donation. Then the apartment will go into your property.

Step 6:

Recognition donation contract null and void in the event of possible complications of your financial situation. If the donor due to the current circumstances of life has become a place to live, according to Article 577 of the Civil Code, he may request his apartment back.