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How to cancel the contract of donation apartments

The contract of donation - the document by which the donor gratuitously transfers or undertakes to transfer the ownership of a thing to the donee. In accordance with the law to cancel the deed only the donee, the donor or the public authorities may the apartment. There are several situations in which the possible cancellation of the contract of donation.

How to cancel the contract of donation apartments

Instruction how to cancel the contract of donation apartments

Step 1:

If the donee has made an attempt on the life or health of the donor or his close relatives, or intentionally caused harm to the donor's health. In this case, the heirs may request a court cancel the contract of donation to the apartment.

Step 2:

If the donee sloppy, casually refers to the apartment, to cancel a gift certificate, you must provide the evidence to the court.

Step 3:

The contract of donation will lapse if the donor survives the donee. This rule can be spelled out in the agreement on donation, otherwise the apartment will be transferred by inheritance.

Step 4:

If worsen the state of health or property and family status of the donor, it is entitled to demand termination of the contract of donation.

Step 5:

Since the donation contract is by mutual agreement of the parties, the donee may withdraw it at any time to transfer gifts. The contract will be terminated.

Step 6:

At the initiative of the state bodies donation contract can be canceled or invalidated. To do so, the court's decision, which shall be made on a general basis that the transaction be void.

Step 7:

The presenter may require the donee to compensate the real damage caused by the refusal to accept the gift. For example, to recover the costs associated with registration of donation.