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How to convert an apartment

Translated from the residential apartments in non-residential fund may be required to use it for commercial purposes. Usually, it is converted in the first floors of high-rise buildings. , You need to prepare the relevant documents to do so.

How to convert an apartment

You will need:

- project plan and a sketch of the premises; - An act of reconciliation; - Extract from EGRTS; - Extract from the BTI; - Receipt of payment of state duty; - passport; - Authorization; - A statement in EGRTS; - The conclusions of the housing and interdepartmental committees.

Instruction how to translate apartment

Step 1:

Contact BTI for changes in the dwelling of its functional purpose. To get an apartment building floor plan, along with an extract from the cadastral passport at the apartment, copy of cadastral plan and explication.

Step 2:

You invite an architect to draw up a project plan and a sketch of the future premises. Under current law, all non-residential premises must have a separate entrance. Redesign without permission is illegal, so without an architect's project of building a separate entrance can not do.

Step 3:

Visit the district department of urban planning and architecture, presenting his staff received documents from the architect and from BTI. Write a statement, enclosing copies of documents. You will receive a matching certificate, which must be signed by the local department of public utilities, the district administration in the SES, in fire protection and energy suppliers. Refer to the architectural department with an act of reconciliation. Get permission to organize a separate entrance to the apartment.

Step 4:

Conduct all work in accordance with the drafting of, and then invite the commission of the local administration. Get permission to transfer residential apartments in non-residential fund.

Step 5:

Obtain a notarized permission from the neighbors, if as residential apartments are on the floor, where there are non-residential premises. Without it, the functionality of the apartment can not be changed.

Step 6:

Present all executed documents of the interdepartmental commission, which will make the final verdict and give appropriate instructions. Make changes to a single register by contacting FUGRTS, whose members produce the necessary work on the basis of submitted applications and documentation package.