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How to deprive a share in the apartment

Chapter 16 of the Civil Code regulates all the details of the relationship of owners of common ownership. Article 252 of the Civil Code states: general real estate owned by several owners, may be divided into shares under the agreement between them. However, in the case of non-payment of one of the equity owners of utility bills or in case of failure to reach such an agreement, it can deprive a share in the apartment.

How to deprive a share in the apartment

Instruction how to deprive a share in the apartment

Step 1:

If one of the co-owners of an apartment for a long time refused to pay the mandatory utility bills, and you have to pay everything yourself, report it to the management company, which serves the house. This organization has the right to sue the appropriate suit, containing a claim for recovery of utility bills. If the court decides in her favor, the bailiff will offer the owner of the share of debt to pay themselves. After receiving the rejection, he can arrest belonging to him a share in the apartment and put it up for auction.

Step 2:

Compulsory deprivation of a share in an apartment is also possible through the courts. This is necessary to observe a number of conditions: - the owner, you want to evict, must have a "basic" housing accommodation - is unlikely the court would agree with you if it will be a place to live; - You asked him to pay his share of the cost in terms of money, but he refused.

Step 3:

No agreement between several owners of one apartment - a reason to go to court. If you interfere with the normal use of your part of the apartment, you can go to court with the appropriate application. The application will have to be in writing and personally. Do not forget - it should be in two copies, one of which is painted with the judge and mark the date of receipt back to you. Refer to the court, which is under the jurisdiction of the case - the court located in the place 'problem' apartments location. You will have to use the services of an appraiser - the cost of apartments is necessary to evaluate, to indicate the price of the claim in a statement. The application, attach the receipt of payment of state fees. Pay for it is always possible in any branch of the Savings Bank or by means of special payment terminals.