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How to design a house

Designing and building your own home allows you to fully realize all your creative ideas, because you decide how your new home will look like. And live in a house designed by yourself is much nicer than a typical building, do not always meet some of the everyday needs of the family.

How to design a house

Instruction how to design a house

Step 1:

Make a plan of the land plot on which to build a house. In this respect need schematically indicate various important features and parameters portion, for example, springs, ponds, elevations and depressions of the earth. It is important to observe the scale of the objects on the plane, make it easier to subsequently enter the building in an accessible space for construction.

Step 2:

Consider the location of the rooms and their numbers. The latter depends not only on the size of the family, but also the need for certain specific locations. For example, if you have a lot of work at home, you can make the project home office, which is the best place on the ground floor. Bedrooms also traditionally located on the second floor, and the window in which it is desirable to do on the west side, especially in hot climates, to avoid excessive heat of the day in the summer. For the same reason, you should plan kitchen with windows on the north side to the process of cooking dinner at a hot stove is not turned into a real test.

Step 3:

Make several sketches of the facade of the house, each side separately. At this stage it is necessary to study all elements of the building's exterior decoration, as well as to determine the finishing materials. Window size not only affects the amount of natural light, and can visually make the house more spacious inside, if the window openings will be sufficiently broad. Select the appearance of the roof of the house, it can be straight or sloping, and can all have some bizarre form.

Step 4:

Make room layout. To design the house, it is necessary not only to determine the place of doorways and enter the room available in the area, but also about to place on such a scheme, furniture, overall equipment and sanitary equipment. The kitchen is conveniently located next to a table for cooking, sink and stove. Once the final version of the planning scheme, make sketches volume for each room, which will give ideas about how the house will look like in the end.