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How to determine the category of the room

Fire Safety regulates the mandatory definition of the category of the room on fire and explosion hazard according to the Rules of fire safety in the Russian Federation 01-03. The premises are divided into different categories which depend on the material and inside the combustible substances and their characteristics.

How to determine the category of the room

Instruction how to define the category of premises

Step 1:

Analyze the conditions of the room. Category explosion and fire risk is assigned only to the premises of the warehouse or production purposes. Make a list of objects and materials in the room. On the basis of a list drawn up by consistently check the premises belonging to one category or another.

Step 2:

Assign a room category A with high explosive, if the premises are situated flammable liquid or flammable gas with a flashpoint of 28 ° C to. At the same time their number is sufficient for the formation of explosive mixtures parogazovozdushnyh which, when ignited, will create the premises excess explosion pressure greater than 5 kPa. There is also a category A take space in which to store materials and substances in contact with oxygen, water or other substances in the room, explode or start to burn, creating excessive explosion pressure to 5 kPa.

Step 3:

Assign a room category B with a highly explosive if it arranged fibers, combustible dust or flammable liquids having a flash-point up to 28 ° C. However, their amount is sufficient to form a vapor-dusty or mixtures which, when ignited, will create an explosion in the room excess pressure of more than 5 kPa.

Step 4:

Give the room B1-B4 category with a fire hazard if it located nonflammable and flammable liquids, slow-burning and solid combustible materials and substances, as well as materials and substances that can burn in contact with water, oxygen or other substances in the room.

Step 5:

Assign a room category D with a moderate fire hazard if it is used for industrial purposes, during which the materials are processed in the hot, hot or molten form. Thus the processing takes place with the release of sparks and radiant heat or flame.

Step 6:

Assign a room category D with a reduced risk of fire, if it is stored materials and non-combustible material in a cold state.