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How to draw up the documents for an apartment

Many real estate transactions citizens trust a proven real estate company. First of all it concerns the purchase and sale of property. This is due primarily to the large number of documents that need to be properly arrange, and in these situations really better take the help of a reliable agent. However, when the privatization housing apartments or receive an inheritance usually collects the necessary documents himself the future owner.

How to draw up the documents for an apartment

You will need:

- documents in the apartment according to the list of privatization of the sector, or a notary's office; - Personal documents of the future owners.

Instruction how to issue the documents to the apartment

Step 1:

Contact the Housing Committee of the local administration. Privatization of housing sector is usually responsible for privatization. There you will be given a list of documents that must be prepared. Making the inheritance goes through the notary's office.

Step 2:

Gather the necessary documents. Their set depends on how you got a flat. This may be a contract of sale, exchange or donation; document from the notary's office that you handed over the inheritance. It may also be on sale order, derived from municipal property and designated for privatization. If it was a cooperative apartment, you will need a certificate from the board of the cooperative that the fee paid in full.

Step 3:

Book datasheet. This is done through the District Bureau of Technical Inventory. Data Sheet is prepared in two copies. The bureau must give you a receipt. After you provide it, you have to set a date for inspection. In this procedure takes about a month on average. You will also need a cadastral passport. In smaller towns, they also issue BTI. However, this function can perform sector and cadastral registration of local governments. For inheritance may need more help from the Russian State Register that the apartment has not been any financial transactions. This certificate must be taken immediately before you go to the notary to get an inheritance, as it operates in all 10 days.

Step 4:

Collect personal documents. Make photocopies of the passports of all registered in the apartment residents, as well as birth certificates for minors. Prepare copies of the originals of the death certificates of those who have ever been registered in this living space. Get in ZhEKe extract from the house register. For free privatization requires another document confirming that none of the future owners still have not used this right.

Step 5:

Refer to the territorial department Rosreestra. There, you will need to issue an application form. Sample registration statement can also be found on the official website of the organization. An employee who receives the documents you must set the date when the certificate is ready for registration.