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How to evict from the apartment for the debts

The owner or tenants obliged to make timely payment for all services used and keep the premises in a suitable condition for living (Article №153 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation). If you have a large amount of debt for the rent the tenant can be evicted by a court order. By the owner impose a lawsuit for debt enforcement.

How to evict from the apartment for the debts

You will need:

- notice of debt repayment; - A statement to the court.

Instruction how to evict the apartment for the debts

Step 1:

If the monthly payment on utility bills not received written notice to the owner or tenant of the debt occurs. You have the right to apply to the debtor penalties and impose a penalty on the whole amount of debt for late payment of rent. In most cases, warnings and impose fines is sufficient that all debts were repaid.

Step 2:

However, persistent non-payers are not affected by any methods, and no matter how much you do not warned of rent debt will only increase. In this case, the balance holder is obliged to once again warn residents to repay the full amount of the debt in a timely manner and has the right to take more stringent methods, is to limit the supply of certain types of services. You can turn off non-payers of electricity, turn off the gas, but you can not turn off the heat and drain.

Step 3:

When a large amount of debt, if the tenants did not make utility payments more than 6 months, you are eligible to file a claim in court. If social housing tenants can move into an apartment or to provide them with a room in a dormitory at the square, to take such measures to the owners of property is not possible.

Step 4:

You have the right to collect from the owner, which is a malicious defaulters, the entire amount of the debt by force. On the basis of a court order you will receive a writ of execution, on which you can send foreclose on the debtor's income or assets.

Step 5:

With tenants of social housing debt is collected forcibly. Based on a court order to evict the family of the employer and can provide housing, an area equal to the social norms in a dormitory residence (Article №105 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation). At present, this rate is equal to 6 square meters per person.