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How to find a home in Moscow

How to find a home in Moscow? Such a question often asked by many people who come to the capital from the regions or countries. This question is relevant for the Muscovites who want to buy a new and permanent home for guests who are dreaming for a while to work in Moscow.

How to find a home in Moscow

Instruction how to find the house in Moscow

Step 1:

Check out the property sold and donated through online resources. The World Wide Web has many sites that are laid out information about buy and sell, and trade-rented accommodation. These sites are often owned by realtors or realtor kompaniyam.Tam you can easily select the desired area, area, location of the apartment from the subway and the number of rooms. Sites with real estate, are probably the most convenient way to search for housing.

Step 2:

Take advantage of specialized magazines about the property. In these newspapers, as a rule, also lists all the possible options for the purchase of housing. Less compared to Internet sites that newspapers and magazines are not automatically updated and new versions of old are not withdrawn. However, to see these newspapers and magazines you do not need access to the Internet and you are not dependent on the computer. You can view the latest issue of being on public transport or just sitting in the park.

Step 3:

Use the services of a realtor or real estate company. This step is likely to cause more spending than the previous, but it will be most effective. The main factor here - the reliability of the company. It would be best if you recommend someone from acquaintances particular realtor or company, as there is a possibility of deception on the part of intermediaries. The money you will be charged, but will not find an apartment. Or services will be very low quality, that is, you will find an apartment, but not in time and not exactly the one that you would like.

Step 4:

Find an apartment by his friends. Take advantage of this recommendation will be able to only those who have friends or relatives in Moscow. But as you know, the recommendation of a loved one - the most reliable way. Ask your friends if losing any of their apartments, or perhaps sell their living space. Either someone already from their friends looking for a buyer or tenant for your property.