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How to find a room in Moscow

Rent an apartment - it is popular and in demand, especially in a big city like Moscow. Find an apartment for rent in two ways: through a real estate agency or independently. However, with the help of the professional realtors to find an apartment much more likely and less likely to run into scammers.

How to find a room in Moscow

You will need:

Real estate agency, newspaper ads, or have a familiar experience.

Instruction how to find a room in Moscow

Step 1:

If you have time, try to find an apartment on their own. Buy a newspaper ad or ask around your friends. From the found options to select the one that suits you best at the price and you have imposed requirements.

Step 2:

Go to the address specified in the advertisement. Rate the area, its condition, location, availability of it to your place of work. For example, to get to the center with many streets Krasnogorsk faster than many streets Novogireevo and cost to rent in Krasnogorsk less because it is considered the suburbs.

Step 3:

Locate and inspect the proposed flat. Try to pay attention to every detail, the host asked about the state of things and especially the plumbing. Then check his documents confirming the ownership of the premises. If you are satisfied, sign a contract.

Step 4:

If you are not able to find an apartment, please contact the real estate agency. The conversation name terms with the representative of the agency, to be met by apartment and a minimum price for you. Then inspect the proposed flat and if it suits you, agree on a deal.