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How to find affordable real estate in Moscow

The concept of "cheap" in relation to the Moscow real estate can only be relative. Prices per square meter in the capital are among the highest in the world. However, find a version of which, by virtue of any reasons exhibited at affordable price for the capital, is quite real.

How to find affordable real estate in Moscow

You will need:

- information about the overall situation in the real estate market; - Various base housing proposals.

Instruction how to find affordable real estate in Moscow

Step 1:

Carefully review the current situation in the real estate market in the city as a whole: where the apartments are cheaper, which is more expensive and why. This will help you market surveys are regularly published in the municipal and federal media as well as online publications. A useful resource in this area is considered the site "Real Estate Market Indicators", regularly hosting the current analytical calculations, including the reviews in terms of low cost and high cost, the ratings for the cheapest and the most expensive apartments in Moscow for sale.

Step 2:

Go for consultation in several real estate agencies. Pre-market monitoring will allow you to understand at what price all you can expect. Detailed consultation with a Realtor will help to better understand what exactly you can expect for the money. Serious agency advises prospective buyers for free, and the fact that this service is provided to you, not be obliged to buy an apartment it is with their help. Visits to several agencies will allow you to get a more objective view of the situation and its possibilities. Besides the work in different real estate firms may have different cost options, and it is possible that some of them will be exactly yours.

Step 3:

Define a set of requirements for housing, which is looking to buy: what are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of a low price, and that disagree. Remember that even the cheapest apartment, especially in Moscow - a sizable costs. And the worse characteristics affecting its value, the harder you will be to sell it later when you will be able to improve their living conditions.

Step 4:

Leave the application for selection of options to meet your requirements in several real estate agencies.

Step 5:

Keep a parallel independent search. Various proposals for the sale of apartments, published on the Internet and print media, are based largely on intermediaries. But there are also from the owners. And some of them may turn out to be the best located in a limited range of agencies where you left the application.

Step 6:

The authors are interested to contact your ad, actively discuss with the agents of their proposals to merge views. Good selection of relatively inexpensive options may take a long time, but eventually let you find an apartment or room, the most suitable in terms of price and quality.