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How to get an apartment combat veterans

At present, all combat veterans, the poor are recognized and pending in the queue in need of better housing conditions, have the right to receive an apartment at the last place of military service.

How to get an apartment combat veterans

You will need:

- preferential card and a copy; - A copy of the account; - A certificate of family composition; - A certificate confirming the absence of their own homes.

Instruction how to get an apartment combat veterans

Step 1:

Get a document confirming that you are in need of housing. This is possible only if your property is less than the size of the established norm or is alert. To obtain this document, please contact the district administration with the documents on the composition and family income, housing conditions, preferential certificate, passport copy.

Step 2:

Stand on the account in need of better living conditions. To do so, a statement and a copy of the passport to the housing department of the district administration. Combat veterans, embarked on the record, it is not supposed to provide housing itself, and subsidies for the purchase.

Step 3:

Wait until the Housing Committee will review your application, and then approve and execute a certificate and sign a contract for the provision of grants.

Step 4:

The district administration will notify you of the receipt of funds for the purchase of apartments, then come for obtaining the certificate and the contract.

Step 5:

Implement a grant not later than six months after the issue date.

Step 6:

Next, you will independently select an apartment or housing. And as you can pay extra and buy an apartment larger area. If you buy a house, the cost is less than the size of payments to the state - the remaining money will not be returned.

Step 7:

Apply for home ownership.