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How to get the land for development

Many people in our country are dreaming to improve their living conditions. In some regions, self-built house is cheaper than buying a well-maintained apartments. In addition, citizens ineradicable craving for the construction of cottages grew into a desire to have a country residence for the summer holidays. To begin the construction of desired home, you need to get, buy or rent land.

How to get the land for development

Instruction how to obtain land for development

Step 1:

Modern land Rules stated that the construction can be allocated agricultural land and land near the settlements. Moreover, agricultural land allocated for the construction of villas for the device Horticultural farms. But in the lands near the settlements (cities, villages) can be engaged in individual construction.

Step 2:

Get the land plot at first glance, it is easy. Go to the local municipality, and write a statement about what you would like to take the land for development. You will be offered a choice of several plots. Then the head of the administration will issue a decree on the allocation of land with the caveat that you redeem the land after a certain period of time. The treaty obliges you also to put land on the cadastral registration and pay the tax for it.

Step 3:

The difficulty lies in the fact that municipalities have recently stopped issuing land because new legislation is required to deliver to all areas of land and topographic surveys. Those wishing to become owners of the land has been so much that cadastral Chamber of cities can not cope with the flow of applications.

Step 4:

Therefore, experts advise acquire land for development in the secondary market. However, there are some features. Buying land for the construction of suburban real estate, you need to clearly know the appointment of the land and its permitted uses.

Step 5:

So, on the land settlements is possible to build low-rise private housing. But it should be done taking into account the area of ​​urban development plans

Step 6:

Agricultural land can be used as capital for the construction of houses with the possibility of permanent residence (for country construction), as well as for the construction of cottages construction and maintenance of horticultural sector (for horticulture and agriculture). It all depends on the type of permitted use of these lands.