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How to look for an apartment in St. Petersburg

Rent an apartment in St. Petersburg is not so simple - demand outstrips supply. Therefore, to find an option that suits you at the price, quality and location, it is necessary to make an effort.

How to look for an apartment in St. Petersburg

Instruction how to find an apartment in St. Petersburg

Step 1:

First of all, decide the amount of rent you are willing to spread from his pocket each month. Ask your friends, rent an apartment in St. Petersburg, review sites, and specialized publications - so you can find an average price for the desired apartment. The cost of rent varies depending on the area. Traditionally expensive districts - Central, Admiralty and Vasileostrovskiy. The best ratio of price and quality is considered to Varna - are dealt a large number of apartments in new buildings. The area is also made attractive proximity to the resort areas, a large number of parks and infrastructure. Cheaper options for rent - Krasnogvardeyskiy and Kalinin regions, due to their distance from the subway. Most budget -Lenoblast.

Step 2:

It is better to rent an apartment near the place of work. But if this is not possible, pay attention to the areas related to your work place convenient transportation. For example, from Pushkin to Vitebsk Station in the city center can be reached in half an hour by train and accommodation in the suburb has its undeniable advantages, and will cost you significantly less.

Step 3:

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to search for a beginner apartment - through a real estate agency. Advantages of this method are obvious - experienced realtors quickly find you an apartment on the basis of their existing and prepare the lease. Negatives - have to pay the agency commission, which is usually equal to the monthly rent for an apartment. The same amount will have to pay as a deposit to the owner of the apartment. Note that the company pay a realtor you need only after review all proposals and select liked sign a contract on agency fees. At the St. Petersburg market are many reliable companies operating not the first year.

Step 4:

A few less - half the monthly rent - is the commission of private brokers. This is usually former employees of agencies that operate as sole proprietors. Best of all, if you are such a specialist will recommend your friend who has used its services.

Step 5:

Some unscrupulous companies offer for relatively little money lists of apartments with addresses and phones for rent. It is assumed that you are masters ring up and find the option you want. Be careful, it - crooks. On the phone from the list would be impossible to reach. And if all the same you will answer, you will hear that the apartment is already rented. Beware also of "black" brokers and agencies operating illegally.

Step 6:

If you are not limited in time and want to save on commissions, you can try to find a house in the northern capital on their own. Inquire with friends who live here, not losing anyone of them or their relatives and friends apartment. Some landlords prefer to deal only with tenants with the recommendations. Apply for search and social networks - write in their status, or on the page that you are looking for an apartment in St. Petersburg.

Step 7:

See ads in the "Chance" newspaper, "Hand in Hand", a weekly journal "Bulletin of Real Estate", on specialized sites. Convenient Resource "Yandex real estate" - it gives suggestions of several sites. However, about 80% of ads, especially the most tempting, given the agency. And the phone will tell you that this is the apartment rented, but in the database, there are many others. So companies are trying to attract customers. But persevere, you can find offers from the owners. As a rule, tenants are acceptable conditions quickly, so you need to hunt for fresh information.

Step 8:

Write and hang ads in areas that are considering to stay. In the text, specify: "without intermediaries" or "landlord" that you are not bothered by realtors. The same ads you can place on free sites or above newspapers.

Step 9:

Having found a suitable option, enclose a contract with the landlord, preferably in the presence of a notary. And not to fall for the bait to Scams, listen to your intuition and common sense. You should be alerted if you are offered an excellent option at a price far below the market average.