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How to make a house in the country

Making your home at their summer cottage - a process that requires a strict implementation of all the necessary steps. Also, you need the documents provided by the legislation for ownership of the property.

How to make a house in the country

You will need:

- statement at the Fed; - Receipt of payment of state duty; - passport; - Cadastral plan or the conclusion of a horticultural society; - A declaration of the object real estate.

Instruction how to decorate a house in the country

Step 1:

To make a house in the country, you need to collect a package of documents and submit to the authorities of the Federal Registration Service. To do this, you should write a statement about the state registration of property rights, pay a state fee and keep the payment receipt.

Step 2:

You will also need the applicant's passport and title document to the suburban area, cadastral plan of the land, the power of attorney certified by a notary, if your interests are represented by a third party.

Step 3:

Prepare the declaration of the object real estate. This document confirms the presence of the building, construction of which does not require a special permit, and also contains a description. Form filling of the declaration take in the subdivision of the Federal Registration Service. The document must be completed without errors and corrections, and only in respect of the property. All responsibility for the accuracy of these data shall be the man to fill the declaration.

Step 4:

If the board of a horticultural society will give you a conclusion that the house is located within the site boundaries, cadastral plan can not provide. But in the absence of the Fed's constituent documents of the partnership you will need to make this conclusion a number of official papers. This package should include the charter of the legal entity, the state registration certificate, certificate of registration in the register of legal entities, the certificate of tax registration, the decision of the authorized body on the election of the chairman.

Step 5:

In the absence of such a conclusion, as well as of the cadastral plan write an application for a plan to the authorities of the local administration architecture. Apply for land surveying business with the help of a specialist organization, which deals with the definition of boundaries, and post inventory in the House. After the registration of all documents, which period shall not exceed fifteen working days, take the cadastral plan.

Step 6:

All documents for the registration of the holiday home must be submitted in two copies - the original and a copy. Turnaround time will be about one month.