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How to make a new apartment

Decoration of premises (apartments) in the property - a consequence of the grounds of ownership of the property. Thus the base can be a legal fact - the conclusion of the purchase contract (transaction). In this case, the contract is a bilateral transaction of sale, on the basis of which the ownership is transferred from one owner to another. For registration apartments in new buildings must be installed to collect a list of documents.

How to make a new apartment

You will need:

- application for state registration; - The agreement between the construction company and a co-investor; - Explication of BTI and the apartment floor plan; - The act of reception and transmission apartments; - Receipt of payment of state duty; - Passport and its copy; - If documents are submitted representative of the owner, you need a notarized power of attorney.

Instruction how to issue a new apartment

Step 1:

Upon completion of all stipulated in new construction and finishing works, the developer begins to prepare technical documentation and inventory at home, and BTI produces all the necessary measurements. After that, the developer gets his hands on the technical passport at home. Next, check the new building and inspect bodies of state construction and architectural supervision sometimes together with the initiative group of shareholders.

Step 2:

After you have removed all of the identified shortcomings and problems, the construction company give the act of acceptance of the house, which must be submitted to the city administration. It gives permission to enter the construction project into operation. Then the house is connected to all communications, he is given a postal address, and the developer must enter into a contract with the management company, which will serve the new building (until the tenants may not create HOA).

Step 3:

At the same time representative of the construction company meets each share participant separately for joint inspection of the acquired property. If the buyer did not have the apartment comments, then sign the act of reception and transmission housing and receive the keys.

Step 4:

Within 30 days from the date of registration in the service of a complete set of design documents is ownership of the apartment. Over this period, registrars carefully check paper, confirming the construction of the object of shared construction and its commissioning and distribution of apartments, as well as the documents submitted by the applicant. Each submitted document must be written legibly, the name of the legal entity - without cutting, with an indication of its location. The names, surname and patronymic of physical persons, the addresses of their places of residence must be fully spelled out.