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How to make the buying and selling of real estate

All documents related to the purchase - sale of real estate must be made legally. Otherwise you can not prove that the transfer of money to register the object in his name, to be registered in it.

How to make the buying and selling of real estate

Instruction how to arrange the sale of real estate

Step 1:

If you are a seller of real estate, prepare documents for the signing of the Preliminary contract. You will be required: 1. Certificate of registration to an object (document specifies the owner or co-owners few, and the nature of the property). 2. Documents confirming your right to own property (the contract of sale, gift, exchange, etc.). 3. Technical passport of the structure. 4. Extract from the house register. 5. Help the absence of debt for the utilities and property tax. Receipts for payment of utility services. 6. Help from the BTI (it makes sure that the property belongs to the owner and is not under arrest, confirmed the absence of any other restrictions specified address of the object, its area - total and living with a net book value). To help attached floor plan. 7. For transactions under a contract of donation and certificate of inheritance will require a certificate from the tax office for the payment of the corresponding tax. 8. If your house or apartment are registered minor children, it is necessary to permit authorities opeki.Podgotovte as a personal passport, certificate from the police department to issue a new passport (if you have changed the former), marriage certificate (if any of the owners changed his name) certified by a notary permission wife (husband) on sale of real estate, birth certificates of children (if they reside in the selling area) .If you are selling a house with land, you will need more cadastral plan of the land plot.

Step 2:

Negotiate with the buyer about the size of the deposit and go to the notary's office. From the buyer need only a passport.

Step 3:

We make a notary and assure a preliminary agreement on purchase - sale agreement for the deposit, a receipt for the money from the buyer.

Step 4:

The final contract sign, when all will be made out of the premises sold. Apply for the transfer of money for the property. If your area is free legally and physically, and you hold all documents for the transaction, you can immediately sign the final contract of sale (transfer of money stipulated in its signing).