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How to make the ownership of holiday home

Registration of private buildings is mainly engaged in the management of the Federal Registration Service of the region or autonomous region. Registration actions begin from the date of receipt of the necessary documents by an official of the registration authority.

How to make the ownership of holiday home

You will need:

- documents confirming the fact of creation on the site, intended for individual housing construction, object technical property; - Title document on the land; - Cadastral passport of the land plot.

Instruction how to formalize the ownership of holiday home

Step 1:

Refer to the Federal Real Estate Cadastre Agency and submit an application to the manufacture of the cadastral passport land title document on the land and the instruments of surveying of the site.

Step 2:

Within one month from the date of filing of the application, after your land will be taken into account, it will get the cadastral passport. Registration is not required to provide the cadastral passport when he appeared earlier and was included in the respective case of legal documents.

Step 3:

Imagine the body carrying out state registration of rights, the application for state registration of rights, the above documents for registration, receipt of payment of state fees and proof of identity. Upon receipt of title documents relevant official will make the book records by record of getting time to the nearest minute and give you a receipt showing that time and a complete list of documents.

Step 4:

Expect an entry on the right to the state registration in the Unified State Register of Rights.