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How to make the ownership of leased land

Registration of land ownership allows you to dispose of them at its discretion, sell, give, change, etc. With leased land can not do that, because the owner is a local municipality. To formalize the right of ownership, it is necessary to collect a number of documents.

How to make the ownership of leased land

You will need:

- an extract from the cadastral passport; - Resolution of the administration; - Copy of the cadastral plan; - A statement in regtsentr; - The payment of state duty; - Your passport.

Instruction how to formalize the ownership of leased land

Step 1:

For registration of land apply at your local municipality. To register the ownership of the land need to formalize cadastral passport and put the site on the cadastral registration. To do all this you will be at your own expense.

Step 2:

Call center unified account of the land cadastre and cartography. Fill out the application form for the call cadastral engineer. You put on a waiting list and notified date specialist soon. The queue may take 6 months or more, as experts of data is very small, and all licensed firms no longer have the right to conduct surveying and prepare technical documents for the production site and topographic surveys.

Step 3:

After the specified period you will arrive engineer will conduct surveying, topographic surveying, make a plan. After work, you get all of the technical paper, which again refer to the center of a single registration of land plots. Put your site on the cadastral registration, cadastre will issue a passport. Take an excerpt from the cadastral passport, a copy of the cadastral plan, make photocopies of extracts from the received and submit them to the local administration.

Step 4:

Based on the decision of the head of district administration, you will be able to register the ownership of land. It can transfer for free, if you've never made out of the land rent or sell property for the cadastral value. If your site is transferred free of charge, prior to the registration of property rights, pay the amount specified in the decision and provide a copy of the receipt to the administration.

Step 5:

With the ruling, a receipt with an extract of the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan, contact the Federal Office of state registration center. Write an application filed documents. After 30 days you will receive a certificate of ownership of the land.