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How to make the ownership of the attic space

Given the shortage of housing in Russia, especially in economy class, the perspective can be partial redevelopment of high-rise loft in the attic. But to do this, an individual or organization must make the ownership of the premises.

How to make the ownership of the attic space

You will need:

- consent of owners of apartments in the building; - Plan-explication of the attic; - Permission for redevelopment; - Reconstruction plan.

Instruction how to formalize the ownership of the attic space

Step 1:

Find out who owns the house, the attic which you plan to get. If the house is on the balance of some offices, for example, the Ministry of Defence, contact them and find out if you transfer the selected loft possible.

Step 2:

If the house is located in an ordinary municipal housing stock, obtain the consent of all owners to transfer the ownership of the loft you. You will be considered an investor who finances the reconstruction of this part of the house. The general meeting of residents can be made by contacting the HOA or management company. Concord residents should be issued in the form of an appropriate protocol with the signatures.

Step 3:

Book a room Technical passport BTI. It is also desirable to prepare in advance the conclusion of technical experts on the possibility of the attic in the attic equipment prostranstve.Dopolnitelnym advantage may be the development of the project of reconstruction of the attic, although it is not a mandatory requirement.

Step 4:

Consult with all the documents to the Department of Housing on the site of the house is located. Keep in mind that the authorities have the right not to transfer you to the attic at once, and to hold a competition among potential investors. This is true especially for expensive buildings in the centers of large cities. With luck, you will be able to receive the document of title and start reconstruction after the agreement of your floor plan.

Step 5:

If you can not get into the ownership of the loft, decorate it for rent. For this will be sufficient consent of two thirds of the owners of apartments in the house. After that, make a contract with the management company and homeowners associations, assure his notary and register in Rosreestra. This may be a good yield in the case, if you have a loft apartment and you want to upgrade. In this case, housing privatization, and so you've already got a share of the ownership of the loft.