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How to make the purchase - sale of the garage

Sale and purchase of the garage is carried out in accordance with the rules of the commission of transactions with real estate, as all the buildings that are at the foundation of capital, are Real Estate. It follows from Articles 130 and 131 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Sell ​​garage is its owner. The property can be obtained on the basis of Article 93 of the Federal Law-F3 on the simplified form of registration of land and built on their properties. To make a purchase and sale transaction should be collected a number of documents.

How to make the purchase - sale of the garage

You will need:

- certificate of ownership; - Identification documents of the buyer and the seller; - Notarized permission from his wife to sell; - contract of sale; - The act of reception and transmission.

Instruction how to make the purchase - sale of the garage

Step 1:

According to the laws of the Russian Federation all the documents for the sale of any property must collect the seller. Buyer only need to check the documents to the garage and the documents certifying the identity of the seller, have a passport, sign a sales contract and act of transfer, to pay the agreed sum and register their ownership of the purchased property.

Step 2:

If you are manufacturer of garage and property rights to it are not registered, to the moment of state registration of your rights, officially to make the transaction of purchase and sale of the garage you can not. Therefore, planning to sell the property, it will get a certificate of ownership.

Step 3:

To obtain a certificate of ownership, it is necessary to apply to the Federal Office of the registration center with the application, the receipt of state duty payment for registration and to submit a number of documents provided for by law. If the garage has passed you by inheritance, require a certificate of inheritance, if he was presented - the deed of gift. If you have a garage built themselves, participating in a cooperative building, then produce a certificate from the chairman of the cooperative on the full introduction of shares, as well as an extract from the Department of BTI the object and a copy of the garage plan.

Step 4:

Land under the garage need to delimit, but this is possible only if all members of the garage cooperative agree arrange plots in the property. If at least one person disagrees, the mezhevat land impossible. Therefore, the garage will draw in the property on the basis that all the plots being under the real property owned by these objects. In any case, please contact the Chamber of land accounting, inventory and mapping a statement, invite engineer and inventory it in place to resolve the issue of the boundary.

Step 5:

If you have a garage built for yourself, being in registered marriage, the sale will require notarized permission of your wife (article 256 of the Civil Code and Article 34 of the Family Code).

Step 6:

Having the right of ownership, contract customer sales contract. In accordance with the amendments to the Civil Code 1 January 1996, the contract does not require the notary drawing, but it is only a recommendation, not a rule. Therefore, you can decide to sign a notarial contract or simple in writing, handwritten and signed by you and your customers. Be sure to make a act of reception and transmission, as without this document ownership of the customer will not be registered.

Step 7:

The last stage of the transaction is the registration of ownership rights to the buyers. If all the above steps you feel are too complex and tedious, leave all the documents professionals from real estate agency. They will draw up your own rules, find buyers and will make a garage sale in accordance with all provisions of the law.